Voters made a mistake

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On Nov. 6, 2012, the people of the United States made the worst and most deadly decision in the history of the country.
Our Founding Fathers based this country’s foundation on God’s word.
Then the people put back in office a so-called Christian president, Obama. This was a complete slap in God’s face.
The two strongest abominations were upheld. They are abortion, which is the murder of innocent children, and the backing of homosexuals.
Do you think God is going to bless us now? Not by a long shot.
Our government [could] cut Social Security and Medicare. If Obama had not taken money from Social Security, maybe our seniors could have food and medicine at the same time.
Obama’s campaign slogan was, “America takes care of its own.” What a lying joke.
Maybe he is talking about the Muslim brotherhood. Because he sent millions [in aid] to the Muslim president of Egypt to back him. He is planning to send more, now that he has been re-elected. Seems like he sure is taking care of him.
To me, this is treason and he should be impeached and kicked out of the United States. But some of the people in the U.S. see and believe only what they want to, while the remainder of God’s people see the truth.
Every one of us needs to hold our loved ones close and pray every minute of the day and night.
The United States is on a dark train with a short track and no survivors.
Kathy M. Isom