Volvo to recall 700 workers to Pulaski Co. plant

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By Landmark News Service


Volvo Trucks in North America in Pulaski County will recall approximately 700 employees between May 2 and June 13, according to an announcement Wednesday morning.

The New River Valley plant, which employs slightly fewer than 1,500 people, is seeing a surge in orders for heavy-duty trucks.

In addition, the unionized production workforce on Sunday agreed to a two-tier compensation plan, under which any workers recalled will be paid less than those currently working in the factory.

Union and company officials declined to say how much less. It is one of several terms of a new contract that runs through March 2016.

Volvo Trucks saw its U.S. and Canadian sales volume grow 46 percent in 2010. Through February, the company’s retail sales were up 47 percent compared with last year, the company said.