Volunteers are finding animals loving homes

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For the second time, the Twin County Humane Society Homes Program thanks the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies for providing a generous grant to help stray dogs and cats get a home.
Thanks, too, to the people willing to give an animal a forever home.
The homes program provided assistance to families willing to take in stray and abandoned dogs and cats and give them a loving home.
Each person willing to give an animal a home is asked to complete a contract of understanding with the humane society that states every effort is made to find the animals’ owners.
Some of the funds are also used for the foster/ adoption program. If you or someone you know takes in a stray and would like assistance to get the cat or dog fixed, call our helpline at (276) 728-4038.
Please know that there are many nice animals at the shelter waiting for someone to love them. Go by the animal control shelter at 201 Fair St. in Galax.
The officers will be happy to have you meet the available animals there waiting for a home. Shelter hours are 1-5 p.m., Tuesday-Saturday. Call 236-8501 for more information.  
There is assistance for having these adopted animals fixed through the SPCA. If you live within the city of Galax, call the city manager’s office for information about reimbursement for fixing your pet or adopted animal.
 Remember, “dumping” animals is against the law and does nothing but pass the problem to someone else. If a person takes in a stray, it is that person’s responsibility to try to locate the owner. Call the shelter to see if someone is looking for the animal.
Local newspapers publish lost and found notices in the want ads at no charge. Check with local vets, post signs and ask neighbors.  Two weeks is considered a reasonable time to search for an owner.
The heart of a community is measured by the way it cares for its animals.
Betty Sutton