Vaughan addresses opponent's claims

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Four years ago when I announced my candidacy for Grayson County Sheriff, I presented a detailed plan for positive change.
I conducted myself in a professional manner, and ran a positive campaign from beginning to end.  This is the type of character that Grayson County Citizens deserve and expect from their elected officials.  
Unfortunately, everyone does not abide by the same unspoken values. From the very beginning when my opponent announced his candidacy, he has been negative.
First, his announcement stated that citizens and even my own deputies had to have an appointment to talk with me at the office. This is false; no one has ever needed an appointment to speak with me.
Second, his campaign brochure contains inaccurate information regarding staffing levels, and cases that have gone to circuit court.
When I took office in January 2008, there were a total of 24 full-time positions, not 22 as stated in his brochure. In 2010, there were 583 criminal cases filed in circuit court [according to a report filed with the Constitutional Officer Information Network] — not 426 as printed in his brochure.
Third, the remodeling work completed at the sheriff’s office in 2008 was completed in four separate projects over the period of one year.
The sheriff’s office had to remain functional for daily operations, and it is common sense not to attempt to do all of the work at the same time.
Only the first project of remodeling was in excess of $5,000. Competitive bids were received as directed by the previous county administrator and procurement policy.
The project was awarded to the lowest bidder in February of 2008.  The bidder provided a copy of a valid Virginia contractor’s license.  All documents regarding the bidding process are open for inspection.
I will always be honest and up-front with the citizens of Grayson County. I have been honest in every aspect of my office for the last four years, and I will continue to be, regardless of election or nonelection year.
I will never attempt to deceive the citizens of Grayson County.
Richard Vaughan
Grayson County Sheriff