Use expert panel to hire police chief

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In Mr. Crowder’s campaign for mayor of Hillsville, he stated in local newspapers that he would “end back door happenings” and put in place an honest and open government, leading some individuals to believe we didn’t have this in Hillsville.
Well, guess what? Given the first opportunity to do the right thing, he and his cohorts soundly rejected a motion by Councilman Terry to have a selection board of unbiased police officers interview candidates for police chief.
Gee, even the spouses voted “no” from the audience. Mr. Crowder, Mr. Young, and Mr. Walls didn’t even give councilman Terry or Yonce the opportunity or respect they deserved as senior council members to listen to their suggestion.
What’s the big deal, do the good ole boys already have a hand-picked candidate? Would their candidate not stack up when interviewed by experienced police professionals?
What harm is it to have individuals who have no hidden agenda to assist in the interview process, except maybe they would select the best qualified applicant to serve as our chief of police?
So all you Town of Hillsville registered voters, some 1,808 of you, I need your help. Call the council members, mayor and town office and demand that this council use a professional board to pick our next chief of police and town manager.
For the betterment of Hillsville, let’s have an honest selection process, ensuring every applicant is afforded equal opportunity and treatment, and just review of their qualifications.
Who knows, maybe we will have change for the Town of Hillsville. Is this not what Mr. Crowder wanted?
Please call and have your voice heard. Remember: these individuals work for us — not the other way round.
Dawn R. Groseclose