The U.S. government vs. the American people

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The hullabaloo over crossing the red line when it comes to radical nations’ leaders who kill their own people to stay in power.
Talk, excuses and vacation time is the norm for this government.
Here in our own backyard and government are agencies rife with abuse, incompetence, emptiness, stupidity and political favors.
From the way our veterans are treated back from war, to the IRS, National Security Agency and Environmental Protection Agency (run by a bunch of morons), the CIA — all lost in the land of Oz.
A justice system marred by political sideshows is not funny. Strong leadership in The White House, Congress and the Pentagon is lacking.
The red line, this government has fallen on it. It’s crying the blues for the taxpayer to pull it up. Wishful thinking.
Mountain music is in full swing. Remembering the ones that crossed our hearts: Greg Hooven, Barbara Poole, Alan Martin, Houston Caldwell, Jessie Lovell.
God rest their souls.
Mitchell Robinson