'Unfair' housing alleged

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Apartment residents protest living conditions, treatment

By April Wright, Reporter

A group of about 10 Glendale Apartments residents stood on the side of Glendale Road below the Galax housing complex on Monday to protest what they claimed to be unfair housing practices.
Some held signs that stated, “Stop violating out 4th amendment to the constitution,” “Racism is dead...,” “Poor people have rights, too” and “This is not fair housing.”


Some drivers honked in apparent support as they rode by Glendale Apartments, operated by F&W Management of Roanoke.
Protestors are hoping that Virginia Fair Housing conducts an investigation of management of the subsidized housing property.
“We’re not trying to be mean,” said Shantina Campbell. “We just want it to be fair.”
Protestors said that the income-based apartments have unsanitary conditions, with ceilings caving in and trash in the breezeway. They said that the reasons some residents are being evicted are unfair.
The Gazette contacted property manager Dana Osbourne, who said she could not make a statement. The newspaper also left a message with F&W Management, but the phone call was not immediately returned.
One woman believed she was unfairly evicted, even after she offered to pay the $48 that was owed. She was given only 10 days to move out.
Another woman, who said she had lived there since 2004, said she came home to find that drawers had been opened and shuffled through. Police had come in, found marijuana and took pictures, but the woman claimed she does not use marijuana and believes it was planted in her drawer.
She was evicted, and claims that her Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure was violated.
The woman, who has an 8-year-old daughter, said that when she lost her job at Hardee’s because of shoulder surgery, she could barely make her rent and had to ask her sister for money. Her rent was $111 for the month, but she received only $101 that month in worker’s compensation.
Another woman said it takes two checks to pay for her rent.
Several protestors said they felt that other residents did not want to confront management, out of fear of being evicted.