Truck hits local home, causes no fatalities

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By Shannon Watkins

WOODLAWN — A delivery truck headed west towards Galax on U.S 58 swerved off the road and hit a private home, causing structural damage but no fatalities, according to Virginia State Police.


No one was home at the time, and no injuries were reported. The driver, who state police identified as Donald Wayne Goode, was ambulatory at the scene of the accident.

State police and the Galax Volunteer Fire Department were summoned to 6764 Carrollton Pike in the Midway Heights community for the incident, which occurred at 10:10 a.m. Monday.

Skidmarks at the scene indicate that the driver passed through three neighboring yards, destroying landscaping, small trees and lawn ornaments before running into the house. Debris from the accident was strewn just beyond the median into the eastbound lane.

“The driver stated to the trooper that he was coming across the hill crest and he had a blowout on the right front wheel,” said State Police 1st Sgt. Mike Musser. “We don’t know for sure if that’s what the case is or not. We’ve got a Department of Transportation [official] here now, that’s doing an inspection on the truck.”

Musser said the truck was empty.

“Right now we’re just making arrangements for a building contractor to come out and shore up the house, because a lot of the structure is resting on the cab of the truck right now,” Musser said Monday morning. Later in the day, the truck had been removed.

State Trooper Shon Phillips later stated that there was no indication of mechanical failure. He said that inspection to the vehicle did not yield any signs of a blowout.

“There does not seem to be any indication of drug or alcohol abuse,” said Phillips.

Goode was charged with reckless driving and failure to maintain control of a vehicle.

Phillips said the conservative estimate for damage to the yards and house was about $60,000, but an exact estimate was unavailable until the contractors were able to complete their inspection of the house.

He said that the truck, due to extensive damage to the cab and hood, was probably a total loss.