Trash removal service is unfair in Fries

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I would like to address the inequities of the trash removal service in the Fries part of Grayson County.
I reside in an area for which the weekly pickup date is Monday. Because a majority of holidays are celebrated on Mondays, no pickup service is provided on those days nor is an alternate day scheduled.
We are forced to accumulate trash for two weeks which not only is a hardship but which also attracts rodents and larger wildlife to our trash.
I tried using a bigger trash container but the trash collectors placed a label on it saying that it was too large.
It was suggested to me that I take my trash to regional collection centers but I am a senior citizen with slightly impaired mobility and this is not physically possible.
We people who have Monday trash days pay the same fee as residents who have other pickup days but we are not receiving equal service.
I have three feasible suggestions to end the unfairness:
1. Provide an alternate pickup date for areas that have a Monday schedule.
2. Recalculate trash fees for residents with Monday trash schedules.
3. If either of the above suggestions does not meet with county approval then perhaps the pickup days could be rotated yearly so that one particular area would not always have a Monday schedule.
Dorothyann Reilly