Tourism a result of regional effort

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On Oct. 1 you ran an article, “Regional tourism project gets $34,000 marketing grant.” In that same issue you published a Hotline call titled “Team Building” in which the caller criticized Grayson County for “riding on Carroll County’s coattails.”
I could not disagree more with this caller and I’d like to set the record straight.
This grant had three partners: Grayson County, Carroll County and the Historic 1908 Courthouse Foundation (of which I am vice president).
The Grayson County Tourism Department spearheaded the whole grant application process. They proposed that we apply for the grant. They did all of the work to gather the information, write and submit the grant for all three partners.
The director of the Grayson department helped provide the necessary information and incorporated what I provided into the grant application to the Virginia Tourism Corporation.
They were able to answer all questions I had about what to include and had obviously done this before. I had zero contact with anyone from Carroll County.
Yes, Carroll is listed as lead partner. This was an agreement that Grayson and Carroll tourism directors worked out beforehand — Grayson would do the upfront grant work if Carroll would administer the grant monies.
Because they are disbursing the grant monies, they are listed as the lead. It does not mean Carroll County did all the upfront work.
The caller was grossly misinformed. Grayson County frequently submits and receives grants without the help of any other outside agencies.
The Grayson County Administrator’s Office gave me examples of other grants obtained this year totaling more than $360,000, including one for more than $120,000 for school resource officers.
I do not work for the county. The Historic 1908 Courthouse Foundation is a private foundation, not part of county government.
I am writing this because I work with some county offices and I see them doing a good job. All too frequently today, people criticize without knowing the facts.
I hope this letter brings out some facts about what some Grayson County employees are doing to benefit all of us who live in Grayson.
Ken Winans
Vice President
Historic 1908 Courthouse Foundation