Too many scandals

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The White House, the scandals affecting the news media, Libya and IRS all add to a government that appears weak, indecisive and slow to react to events, foreign or domestic.
Here comes this man from the National Security Agency that fled the country and leaked classified information to the world.
To the average person in this country, one asks what kind of situation and problem we really have?
From that tragic day on 9-11 to the present Uncle Sam, there has been watching, listening, and tapping of phone calls, emails and the Internet.
But for some unknown reason the CIA/FBI missed the Fort Hood defendant, the [alleged] Boston murderers and continue to be blindsided by the lack of real data on foreigners coming in and out of this country.
Some of these radical murdering parasites are here now in place to kill Americans at any moment.
Politics is one thing. But in the area of protecting and security of this nation it should stay out of it. For the press, it doesn’t carry the water for any politician.
As for that Rose Garden press conference in the rain with two battle-hardened Marines holding umbrellas over the heads of our fearless leaders, I saw nothing rosey about it.
Doing what is good in the eyes of the Lord is pivotal to a human being.
As mountain music is in full swing, I am remembering the ones that by their talent, personality and caring hearts, live on in our memory — Greg Hooven, Barbara Poole, Houston Caldwell, Alan Mastin and Jessie Lovell. Gone but not forgotten.
Mitchell Robinson