Time to bury the past

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In life, Hillsville Rescue was a force of good. In death — or somewhere in between — it's a spirit haunting the town with unresolved business.

The moribund Hillsville Rescue Squad will soon go to its final reward, but the former non-profit volunteer organization deserved a more dignified death than one that lingered for eight years.
It brings to mind a shuffling zombie, still somehow ambulatory but just a shell of its former self.
The first attempt to kill the rescue squad came as far back as 2004.
That’s when Carroll County officials padlocked the rescue squad station on Main Street in Hillsville after it came to light that a member used an ambulance to move furniture from Smyth County.
A few months after that closure, a former Carroll County administrator still hoped to resolve outstanding issues and work with Hillsville officials to revive the squad.
“We’re working together to develop a plan. It will be on an expedited basis,” one county official told The Gazette at the time. “Certainly, everybody would like to get this resolved as soon as possible.”
They might as well have tried to reanimate a corpse.
The rescue squad stopped answering emergency medical calls on May 5, 2004, but the question of what to do with the organization lingered on, and that uncertainty seems to still haunt some current members of Hillsville Town Council.
This shadow has obscured the good the squad and its volunteer members did when it was a living, breathing rescue organization.
Good intentions to relaunch the rescue squad dragged this matter on much longer than it should have.
Nearly everyone agrees that the rescue squad should write its own will — disburse its leftover funds to local non-profit agencies so some good can still come of it.
It’s time to dispose of the matter and bury it by undoing the corporation, so everyone can move on with their lives.