Time for Americans to take stand

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It’s time we “hard-working Americans” take a stand.
Those of us who must work three jobs to pay our soaring electric bills, etc., do not usually have the time to write a letter in response to other published opinions.
Even though I run two small businesses, work a public job, and raise three small children, I chose to lose a few precious hours of sleep to voice my concerns with the upcoming elections.
We are all struggling to keep a positive outlook for our children and live the American Dream.
Small businesses are fighting to keep the doors open. We are all in a constant state of fear of the unknown.
I understand and have the same concerns. America needs a new president!
We need an American first and foremost that believes in our country, not foreign countries. We need a man that will use the natural resources we have available in our country.
Someone that will help educate our children, enabling upcoming generations to compete with knowledge in foreign trading countries.
A person that has ran a business and knows what it takes to create and maintain business in our country. Our dependence on foreign countries is far too great.
We need a president who will defend our country, not take away funding from our military and restructure other countries that hate Americans.
What man in the right mind would want to become president of a country that is so far down the tubes? A man that is running for the right reasons — a deep-down true God-sent desire to help rebuild our country to the state it once was.
Please vote to keep the American Dream alive! If not, voting will be one more right that is taken away!
I am voting for Mitt Romney! God bless America.
L.A. Richardson