Team, coach set positive example

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After the recent football state championship game I found myself strongly compelled to write my first ever letter to the editor.
Putting my thoughts to pen is a struggle for me. However, I must express my deep and sincere appreciation to the coaching staff and the team of Galax football.
As a proud parent of two sons on the team, Woody and Joseph, I greatly appreciate the attitude of Coach Dixon and his staff to approach the game of football as a means to an end and not an end in itself.
Coach and his staff have not only developed an intense work ethic in all of these young men but also have instilled a high level of Godly character.
The team players that know God in a personal way have become more like Jesus through the season.
Woody, my oldest son, recently shared with me that coach Dixon often states, “It doesn’t matter how many games we win, if I did not teach you guys to be men of integrity and character, to be excellent future citizens, then I have failed.”
Similarly, as a Christian community it would be well for our souls to allow the game of life and its many experiences to mold us for our Creator’s purposes and to be drawn closer to Him through His son.
This Godly character was never more tested or evident than at the climactic conclusion of the 2011 historic season.
By now we all know the details and outcome of Galax’s first state championship appearance. Let us move past the scoreboard and discover deeper insight from our young community leaders.
Never, ever, ever quit. Celebrate together when things go well, mourn together when things go badly. Never allow circumstances to divide your team. As a Christian community we need to emulate these time-tested relational qualities.
These exceptional young men and coaches have raised the “Tide Pride” banner to a whole new level. Now it’s our turn. With God’s help, we will be the community He has called us to be.
Glenn S. Dixon