TCRH adjusts to challenges of healthcare industry

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By Twin County Regional Hospital Administration

Ensuring the health and wellbeing of this community is Twin County Regional Healthcare’s top priority, and our team works everyday to find new and better ways to achieve this.  
As most of you know, there are significant challenges occurring in the healthcare industry right now.  Reimbursements and healthcare utilization are on the decline while healthcare providers are being required to invest more in technology and infrastructure.
As a result of this environment, many hospitals across our nation are being forced to layoff hundreds of staff members and drastically cut the services they provide.  
At Twin County Regional Healthcare, we have been fortunate. Our affiliation with Duke LifePoint has given us access to resources that are helping us strengthen our operations and services in the evolving healthcare landscape.
We also have a base of very talented and dedicated staff members and physicians who are always striving to provide care in more efficient and more effective ways.  
Twin County Regional Hospital is adjusting several aspects of our hospital to accommodate ongoing changes in our industry and in the healthcare needs of this community.
We are restructuring some of our departments to ensure that we are positioned to offer the care that this community needs — today and in the future.
This has led to expansions in some arenas and a few staff reductions in others.  In a few cases in which departments were consolidated, we gave managers whose jobs were impacted opportunities to apply for new comparable positions.  
As far as our third floor medical unit is concerned, that unit is not closed. On June 20, we started seasonal adjustments on the third floor, putting admitted patients just on the second floor medical/surgical unit.
Summer is a time when our patient census is low — meaning fewer people are in the hospital. Having all of our patients on the second floor helps us provide better care.  When the census increases, we will use the third floor as well. We simply have not needed those beds. 
Regarding the transfer of assets, the past hospital board, TCRH, Inc. Board of Directors, engaged its external auditor to complete audited financial statements for the last year operating as an independent hospital for the period ending Sept. 30, 2012.
The TCRH, Inc. Board will meet in August to review the audit and approve the transfer of funds to the newly created Twin County Community Foundation.  We expect the transfer of the funds to occur in September.
Once the Foundation fund is created, the Twin County Community Foundation Board will provide further information about the grant making process.  
Twin County Regional Healthcare is excited for the future.  We believe we are well positioned to grow and succeed in the changing healthcare environment, and we are looking forward to partnering with the community on a healthier future for us all.