Survey points out healthcare needs

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By The Gazette

Judging by the results of Twin County Regional Hospital’s recent community survey, steps are being made in the right direction with the facility since the merger with Duke LifePoint.
Late last year, approximately 308 people were randomly selected to weigh in on what they loved and hated about the healthcare options available in this region.
TCRH set the bar in several categories, scoring high in categories such as general practice, convenience, positive staff attitudes and outpatient care.
Even when they were outranked by hospitals such as Wake Forest Baptist Hospital in categories like inpatient care and treatment for serious illnesses, it was noted that many patients are transferred to the hospitals that ranked high in these categories because of the advanced treatments they have available This says a lot about TCRH’s dedication to what is best for their patients, as well as the positive relationship that the hospital has with surrounding healthcare facilities.
Of course, a main goal of the hospital staff is to offer more to patients in this area, so that local residents can find relief for a wider span of medical issues without having to sit through a long car ride first.
Thanks to the merger, these resources are now within reach. Last year introduced the latest in digital mammography technology. This year, a new CT scanner is already in the plans.
The hospital will also celebrate its 40th anniversary this year with an interior facelift, with some changes to the exterior after that.
Thanks to results from the survey, the staff now has a better idea of what needs are in higher demand here.
The Gazette believes that both TCRH and Duke LifePoint should be commended for the hard work and cooperation to not only benefit the facility itself, but the community that it continues to serve each day.