Students urged to improve their world

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I am delighted to announce that we have 22 projects (and 48 students) for our upcoming land stewardship competition sponsored by Grayson LandCare.
The competition, now in its fifth year, will be at the 1908 Courthouse on April 14. The public is invited to come view the projects from 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and then attend the awards ceremony in the auditorium at 12:30.
The competition encourages local students to explore real economic, environmental, and social problems facing Grayson County and suggest innovative solutions that can really work here.
Topics this year include growing bamboo as a cash crop, hydroponics, growing grapes, medicinal greenhouses, organic poultry farms, raising meat rabbits, raising bulls, rainwater harvesting, programs to improve water quality in lakes and ponds, recycling, wind energy, bird watching and tourism, improving riparian buffers, public transportation, farmers markets, community gardens, a community coffee shop, a wellness center, and classroom education kits for going organic.
Grayson LandCare gratefully acknowledges sponsors in the community who have donated to make the competition possible: Chestnut Creek School of the Arts, Kathy Cole, Mickey Cunningham, John and Karen Doyle, Food City, Four Winds Farms, Grayson County Farm Bureau, Grayson Highlands Family Medicine, Grayson Natural Foods, Charlotte Hanes, Ruth Ross, Denny and Sandy Troth, Walmart, Walters Drug, and Woody’s Pharmacy.
Ruth Ross
Grayson LandCare