Students' safety trumps convenience

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By The Gazette

If you’re polite enough to hold the door at the front of a Carroll County Public School facility, then you’re kind of missing the point.
The most important issue at the schools is safety, not Miss Manners-approved behavior.
While it may chaff one’s sensibilities, it is not a good idea to help someone else circumvent the security measures at schools.
People will have to get used to these brand new security measures at Carroll schools, which means resisting the urge to assist others.
Students will not encounter the locked doors and buzz-in system linked to the front desk by an intercom, assuming they arrive on time.
The buzz-in system will apply to those people who show up asking for entry after the morning rush.
Those parents and visitors should have patience, as educators say that the procedure will take a few moments. The visitor will have to present themselves at the front door and hit a call button.
Educators ask that everyone from parents to delivery men stand in front of cameras at the door, while an image of their front and back will be displayed on a large monitor inside the office for administration to look for anything suspicious.
Visitors will be asked to state their name and their business at the school and present a picture identification once they get inside.
Before and after school and between classes, staff will continue to monitor the entry ways and school resource officers will remain in place.
It’s unfortunate that such security measures have to be taken, but the need to keep children safe overrides other concerns.