Societal change is inevitable

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I’m getting so sick and tired of hearing all these “Christians” talk about how bad Obama is for supporting gay marriage!
I understand it’s in the Bible that it’s not supposed to happen, but — hello. Look around!
There’s not one person that even comes close to following everything right! And why is it anyone’s business who is in love with who?
That's what’s wrong with our town. Too many people worrying about other people's lives because their own is too pathetic! This world is changing more and more every day. People need to start dealing with it!
And for the person who tried to say that President Clinton’s administration is the one that signed all of our jobs away, what news are you watching?
I’m pretty sure with the way our economy is right now it’s going to take more than four years to get it back on the right track. It just goes to show how smart all these Republicans really are!
Melissa Moldovan
Laurel Fork