Skills matter, not address

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When the opportunity became available to work for Grayson County, I was eager to apply.

I sent in my application and went through a test and interview process. I have been with Grayson County Sheriff’s Office now since 2008 and really love working here and the opportunities it has presented.

I have observed a sheriff dedicated to the citizens of Grayson County and who runs an excellent and professional department.

I would like to think that my experience and qualifications is what made him consider me for the position I have. I have been in law enforcement for 16 years, with 12 of those years dedicated to criminal investigations.

I have worked on hundreds of violent felony cases including homicides, rapes, malicious wounding and property crimes.

I have an associate’s degree in criminal justice and have been to numerous schools and trainings, including the Virginia Forensic Science Academy, homicide, cold case homicide, narcotics investigations, fraud and property crime investigations, as well as interview and interrogation.

It is disappointing to think that my job would be cut just because I live approximately five minutes from the county line, instead of being based on qualifications.

As far as living just outside the county, I have been around numerous agencies and not any of them require living inside the jurisdiction.

Being on call 24 hours a day and being on the Twin County Drug Task Force, I am subject to being called out to anywhere in the Twin County area.

David Ashby