Sitting this election out

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 The congressional election is nearly here, and I continue to read lavish promises, endorsements, and supposed service records of the candidates.

Some think Rep. Boucher’s visionary work renders him close to walking on water for constituents.

I cannot resist pointing out he’s still doing precious little, particularly recently, for 28 years of voter loyalty.

Towns and cities in the 9th District have seen factory doors slam shut, and thousands traded pink slips for their livelihood.

Good people, finding their food stamps and unemployment compensation exhausted, swallow their pride and wait in long lines for handouts of groceries and budget store clothing. Boucher does not bear full responsibility, but it happened on his watch.

Our congressman says he favors selling guns without background checks — right here in the lengthened shadow of the Blacksburg Massacre.

I wonder how the families of those slain by that unchecked killer can endure so calloused a policy by any public official.

The congressman’s milquetoast excuse is concern “gun show dealers might miss lots of sales” were they to delay for criminal background checks on potential purchasers.

Ninth district voters, many unemployed, along with thousands without regular health care or basic insurance, are pained to realize he voted three times to kill affordable health care.

This act alone is an unforgivable political transgression, especially while lines of sick families stand in the streets to get help at the free clinics.

Shame! His reason that the country cannot afford a doctor for everyone amounts to consummate, pure, stinking bull, or worse.

Of course, I don’t know that Morgan Griffith, who seems to be mostly from somewhere else, or Jeremiah Heaton, who appears to have an affinity for anything sensational, would be any better.

But I’m certain these fence-straddling, sack dress, cover-all-touch-nothing positions aren’t those for which the people plead.

Trying to be average always renders one the best of the bad and the worst of the good. Unacceptable!

After nearly 30 enthusiastic Boucher years, until I can better tell what our congressman has come to really stand for, if he knows, I’m sitting this one out.

John A. Duvall

Comers Rock