Sheriff should be non-partisan

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Four years ago my wife and I voted for the Republican candidate for Grayson County sheriff.

When the election results were announced I was surprised of the overwhelming support for the challenger, until I read in the newspaper how Sheriff Richard Vaughan successfully led the marathon investigation of a serial killer in the most horrific crime in Grayson County history.

Sheriff Vaughan proved himself as the right person for the job during his first month in office.

This past spring I stopped by the sheriff's office unannounced to meet Sheriff Vaughan. I spoke to the nice lady at the reception window and within minutes I was speaking to Sheriff Vaughan for the first time.

I was impressed with his sincerity, professionalism and his keen ability to speak to a stranger as if he had known me for many years.

Since that time I have had the opportunity to spend many hours with him traveling around the county, speaking with citizens about their concerns and the upcoming election.

I have found Sheriff Vaughan to be sincere, fair, and consistent with everyone regardless of status or political affiliation.

The quality that has impressed me the most is his Christian values. Sheriff Vaughan is the Sunday School superintendent at his church, and his wife serves as minister of music. These are core values that every voter should consider.

Sheriff Vaughan should be commended for the job that he has done, instead of being ridiculed about trivial allegations of spending too much money.

The reason for the tax increase is the $20 million worth of new and remodeled schools, not necessary repairs of a dilapidated and neglected sheriff's office building. We should commend Sheriff Vaughan for improving the functionality and the security of the building.

I am convinced that the position of sheriff should be independent and elected based on qualifications instead of involvement with a political party

Re-elect Sheriff Richard Vaughan.

Tom and Joan Race