Sheriff not spending responsibly

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After reading the letters submitted for Richard Vaughan, I feel the need to respond.
Vaughan states that he has run his office in a financially responsible manner. However, if you take a look at his approved budgets since taking office, you see a different story.
The current yearly budget includes line item requests which include $135,000 for “automobiles” and “automobile expenses” and $6,000 for “construction.”
So while the citizens of Grayson County have suffered large tax increases and other departments have been asked to trim their budgets, the sheriff’s office continually requests more money.
The sheriff boasts about the extra staff. What he doesn’t report is the additional employees are funded by Grayson County taxpayers from the general fund account.
Many letters have spoken of Vaughan as a man of integrity. My home was used as a photo opportunity by several of the participants during the “Ride with the Sheriff” event hosted by Vaughan. He has been made aware of this harassment and chose to do absolutely nothing about it. This is not how a man of integrity should conduct a political campaign.
I've been accused of being negative, however I do not consider informing the public of facts and figures to be negative. The voters deserve to know how their tax money is being spent.
Mark Burnett