Sheriff has made roads safer

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Since he was elected in 2007, Sheriff Richard Vaughan has dedicated himself to doing what is right, without cutting corners for political reasons.
One situation he has improved is the safety of our highways. Grayson County’s fatality rate from automobile crashes was one of the highest in the state before he took office.
Our sheriff began a traffic safety program, and as a result, the number of crashes and fatalities has drastically dropped.
No one wants a speeding ticket, but sometimes we push our luck and get caught. What is worse than getting pulled over, going to court and paying a fine?
Let me tell you what’s worse. It’s the headlights heading up your driveway late at night, then the faint knock on the door. It’s opening that door to find officers standing there with that solemn look on their face, trying to find the words to tell you that your child has just been killed in a car crash.
Take it from a mother who has experienced this nightmare, we should support traffic safety in whatever form it comes.
What I wouldn’t give for police intervention earlier that September night four years ago. I would gladly have seen my son drive away with a ticket.
Could the presence of police cars, or checkpoints made a difference that night? We will never know and we can’t turn back the clock. But we can make a difference in the lives of others in our communities.
As parents and grandparents we should do all we can to protect our children from making fatal errors on the roadways. I want all officers out there to protect my loved ones from reckless drivers.
To say that speed enforcement is a job merely for the state police is foolish. If local deputies can have radar units in their cars, at no cost to taxpayers, then why not use them?
Saving just one life makes it all worth it.
Re‑elect our sheriff, Richard Vaughan, and help keep our children and our roads safe.
Judy B. Liddle