Sheriff has improved department

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Regarding the history of the Grayson County Sheriff’s Department, I want to share my knowledge and memories of the past, especially for those of you too young to remember, and those who moved to Grayson from other places in recent years.

The county always operated the sheriff’s department on a bare bones budget at a time when the county had money, and this showed in the professionalism, equipment, and dress of the deputies.

Enforcement of the law always seemed to pick up right before the elections, and political affiliation made some people, at least, think they were above the law.

Most have forgotten the loss of our jail, which took money and jobs out of the county. That was a different time and long in the past, thanks to the election of Richard Vaughan.

Here is my point: Since Richard Vaughan has been the sheriff, he has worked endlessly to improve the department.

He has brought moral values into the department, and he has been able to pull free money from sources outside the county so our community can prosper. He did this when money is tight everywhere and was able to improve the status of his department in the law enforcement community.

When Mr. Vaughan came into office he also evaluated the skills and abilities of current staff, and even took an extra step to confirm or dispel rumors regarding employees and their personal lives.

When listening to the opponent’s ideology, I can hear the past, and am fearful that our county will return to the old ways.

If nothing else matters to you as Grayson residents, compare the resumes and law enforcement experience of these two candidates. Vaughan is superior in all aspects.

Ask for a debate between the two, compare budget proposals, and you will see. Political parties do not belong inside law enforcement agencies and Mr. Vaughan has shown commitment to take politics out of the office.

Common sense tells you who the right person is, and he holds that position today.

April Finney

Mouth of Wilson