Sheriff deserves voters' support

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Four years ago, a new day dawned in Grayson County law enforcement annals. Richard Vaughan, an independent candidate, was elected sheriff.
Vaughan, who is trained in police science and administration, has years of quality related work experience.
In 2007, he covered Grayson, holding community meetings, to explain his platform. Citizens were impressed with Richard’s sincerity, devotion to law enforcement as his “calling” and with the skills and qualifications he could offer for our county’s most visible and important job.
Now Richard Vaughan seeks re-election. This time, Sheriff Vaughan brings a remarkable report of “promises kept” to Grayson County citizens.
Murderers are caught and convicted; drug dealers and suppliers, their property and cash confiscated, are in prison; drivers are increasingly observing traffic laws and vehicle safety; businesses, homes, and individuals are protected from burglary, damage, theft or abuse; resource officers serve on every school staff.
In tight budget times, Sheriff Vaughan leaves no stones unturned in securing finances for his department.
He knows how to write complicated, but necessary, applications for multi‑source grant funding, and he’s recognized in Virginia and nationally for his expertise.
Best of all, the Grayson sheriff’s office now operates professionally and independently of political cronyism and stands ready, daily, to promptly respond to all calls that come.
I believe Sheriff Vaughan has made good on his promises and has earned the people’s trust. He deserves overwhelming and grateful support from voters on Nov. 8.
John A. Duvall
Comers Rock