Sheriff brought honor to profession

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Why change sheriffs? We already have the best.
I write in support of Richard Vaughan continuing in his present position as sheriff of Grayson County. Grayson has really been blessed to have such a qualified sheriff.
As you remember, Sheriff Vaughan “hit the road running” within weeks of being in his new position on the Freddie Hammer case and he has not slowed down very much since.
If you are undecided about whom to vote for, I suggest that you go to the web sites of both candidates and your decision will become clear.
One thing is very clear. Sheriff Vaughan has extensive training and academic education and is running on his own merits and credentials, not the merits or credentials of family members.
Sheriff Vaughan’s goals and achievements have left the opponent’s goals and achievements “in the dust.”
He has been financially successful in upgrading equipment without using the taxpayers’ money. Sheriff Vaughan has surrounded himself with an excellent and dedicated staff.
Would it not be wise to keep and support a proven sheriff, rather than take chances on an unknown individual?
Sheriff Vaughan has brought dignity, respect, integrity, professionalism, justice, honesty, community security and honor to the position.
I have seen a lot of yard signs for the opponent in West Galax. Come on, Grayson County, let’s put Sheriff Vaughan over the top with our support of money and votes.
P.S. We should be truly embarrassed with the dark and cramped quarters of our sheriff’s department. We can do better here!
Martha LaRa Gibson
Mouth of Wilson