Seven reasons to support Grayson's coyote bounty

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Anne and Clark Donley blow a lot of smoke in their letter about a coyote bounty.
First: It will not break the county.
Two: When I bought land and built near Elk Creek, quail and whippoorwill could be heard in the spring and summer and large flocks (30-40) of wild turkeys could often be seen. Then the coyotes arrived. Haven’t seen or heard quail or whippoorwill in 30 years, and I’m lucky to spot more than three turkeys in a flock these days.
Three: Stockmen with calves, lambs and goat kids need expensive fences and often guard dogs to keep the coyotes out.
Four: I don’t garden anymore, but if I did, I’d have a high fence and a farm dog to keep the deer out.
Five: Owners of small dogs or cats will often lose them to coyotes.
Six: Calling our supervisors tyrannical is a bit much in our beautifully rural and civilized county. Seven: If raising taxes a mil or two to afford a bounty, I’ll not complain.
Dick Culbertson
Elk Creek