Senior citizens' benefits being taken away

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I hope everyone knows about all the tricky little laws in our government. I wasn’t educated in government, but I’m learning.
They have certain laws, then they have these tricky little riders to overcome the laws they just passed.
Let me explain: I am 80 years old. I have worked all my life. I went on Social Security at age 65 and I hardly made it without any extra help.
Then they took away our Social Security raise. And I had to go back to work because food, fuel, electricity and water got a little raise, too.
Now if you are lucky to get to work under one of the government programs, you only get to work one time in your lifetime and you can only work for 48 months, then you are turned out to pasture.
You cannot buy a job in this city.
So what happens? Social services can only let you have $16 a month if you draw as much as $1,000 a month.
Rent is $450 to $500 a month, unless you want to live where drugs and fighting and music is played all night.
We seniors need help. I’m still a good worker, willing to learn and have all my faculties about me, and don’t want to sit on a corner with a tin cup.
I hope someone who has some feelings for us old ones and cares for us will put in a good word for us.
God bless, and thank you.

Cornelia Carrico