Scouting offers many advantages

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I would like to let people know the advantages of being a Boy Scout.
I am a 14 year old boy and this is what Boy Scouts has done for me.
Since joining the Boy Scouts a year ago I have had the chance to meet a lot of people, young and old, that I would never have gotten a chance to meet any other way.
I have also learned a lot of skills and hobbies since joining the Boy Scouts. I have overcome my fear of public speaking and water. I have bettered my morals. I have also learned to work with people.
It has taught me to respect the environment. Another thing I like to do, besides the learning, is to go camping and hiking to new places.
Anyone interested in joining Troop 284, we are at Mount Vale United Methodist Church on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m.
Michael Rose