Save our forests

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Guest Editorial by Cori Howard

While taking a leisurely drive a few days ago, I realized there were fewer trees than I once remembered.
I passed many fields of new apartment buildings that used to be a beautiful forest. I found it somewhat embarrassing to know that what we are known for, our beautiful forest covered mountains, are disappearing.


We have some of the most amazing woods, trails, and wildlife in the state! Our wildlife, birds, rabbits, squirrels, and all of our forest creatures are losing their homes! Other animals can’t sue us for tearing up their houses!
It’s our jobs to protect them. How would you feel if some monster, some machine, came and destroyed your home while you were inside?
You would have to run for your life. Just like all of these scared, confused creatures are running from us.
Not only are the animals at a disadvantage, we are losing our fresh mountain air. We have such nice, clean air. But, we are destroying it!
We need to plant trees to replace the ones that have been cut down. We should have more community groups planting trees. More people, especially teenagers, should care.
I am very concerned about our community and what the future holds for Grayson County. I fear losing our phenomenal woods.