Safety was never compromised

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This is in response to a recent letter concerning the school resource officer program at Grayson County High School and CATE Center. The letter implied the safety of our campus has been compromised.
While I am a Grayson County school administrator, this letter represents my own beliefs and opinions and in no way is intended to represent the school system or its employees.
As an administrator on the GCHS campus, I feel that we have a solid working relationship with all local law enforcement agencies, particularly with Sheriff Vaughan and the sheriff’s office.
Our school resource officer does an excellent job. Our former resource officer, who has been re‑assigned to another school, also did an excellent job.
While our former officer was called away from campus on occasion to attend court, to teach DARE at other schools, to handle school‑related matters, or to attend trainings, in my opinion, the safety of our school was never drastically compromised.
I agree that it is best if the officer who is trained and familiar with the campus is always present. However, it can’t always work that way. As an administrator, I have had to appear in court at times that took me away from school. I have to attend outside trainings with no control of when these trainings are offered.
Unfortunately, I can’t always be at school. In the case of our resource officer being away from campus, the school was informed which officer would be on campus or who to contact in case we needed assistance.
I have never been in a situation on the job where I was not able to receive assistance from law enforcement.
Schools and law enforcement have to work together, and we do. We work to develop emergency crisis plans for our schools and to educate students and staff on bullying, cyber crimes, and other dangers. We work together to keep our schools safe. Work with us.
Karen H. Blevins