A sad situation, both home and abroad

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Politics, the Constitution of the United States, veterans of war, border patrol agents, cutbacks by hooligans and drug dealers and a government awash in scandal one after another.
Lies, deceit and setbacks, arms folded, smiles about everything.
What a very sad, disgusting and pathetic situation we have in this country and abroad.
Russia (the Big Bear) on the hunt for more territory. China wants war over some Japan islands. Mideast on the verge of war with Israel, and our fearless leaders just want to talk and appease.
2014 is shaping up to repeat 2013. A situation of monkey-see, monkey-do. A deficit of $17.5 trillion, funding cuts to veterans, military, the poor.
Our brave border patrol people now asked to run away if they are attacked.
The Obama healthcare plan is a sham. This sequester thing that cuts our military to shameful levels should be appealed to Congress and the President.
Recently shocking stories of young innocent lives lost due to violence. Five and seven months old and a 10-year-old girl kidnapped, raped and killed. A reserve police officer killed in a line of duty.
A sick society with ones with an evil heart that cares for nothing.
God bless you all. His truth is marching on.
Mitchell Robinson