Road fixes take time

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If there’s anything that the Twin Counties are tired of right now, it’s rain. We’re tired of rain forecasts, stories about floods and announcements about road closures.
Thankfully, things appear to be clearing up at this point. The ground is drying up, repairs are being made, and events are going forward as planned…. and yes, this means a green light for the fiddlers’ convention.
The city, however, is feeling quite an aftershock.
According to Charles Joyce, director of Galax Public Works, it’s not going to be easy getting things back to the way they were. After the major storms stopped, Joyce said that it took around three hours just to survey the extent of the damage.
And with a crew of only 25, complete restoration isn’t going to be something that happens overnight.
However, Joyce confirmed that every available hand is out working on the city’s extensive fix-it list, starting at the higher priority issues and working downward. In addition to his crew, Joyce has even pulled mowers off of their equipment to assist with the repairs.
Yes, this means that the city won’t be perfectly manicured for a little while, but in our opinion, it’s a fair trade for fixing our drainage systems and re-opening roads.
As these repairs progress, Joyce asks that the community be patient, especially with the smaller issues that crop up in the meantime. He assured that all concerns will eventually be seen to, in time.
To this, The Gazette would like to thank Joyce and his team for their hard work, because we also believe that, in light of the tasks ahead, the smell of freshly cut grass can wait.