Road added to utility project

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By Christopher Brooke, Reporter

HILLSVILLE — The Woodlawn sewer project — already intended to cover a huge swath of western Carroll County — grew by one road at the Public Sewer Authority's meeting in December.

Carrollwood Drive property owner and businessman John Nobili had been persistent in lobbying for his road's inclusion in the $5.26 million wastewater project.

As the result of Nobili repeating the request at the November meeting, the Public Service Authority members told him to come back with a business plan — a request they've also made to see how other possible utility projects, like one at Fancy Gap, could handle cash flow.

When Nobili, who owns Carrollwood Campgrounds with his wife, returned to the authority in December, PSA members indicated they were looking favorably at adding Carrollwood Drive and encouraged him to continue working on a business plan.

The officials did not talk about any specifics of a business plan for Carrollwood Drive.

PSA Chairman David Hutchins understood that Nobili had been working with business development specialist Dallas Garrett on the plan.

"The board's pretty much said anything we invest in we want to have a business plan to see how we're going to do it," the chairman said.

Authority member Sam Dickson made a motion to proceed with adding Carrollwood Drive.

Authority member Wes Hurst stipulated that the Nobilis needed to continue working on the business plan. Dickson's motion was seconded by PSA member Andy Jackson.

The work for Carrollwood Drive would include the engineering and change orders needed to pursue it, along with the Woodlawn sewer project, clarified Ronald Newman, PSA executive director.

And engineer Kevin Heath made sure that the authority members meant to provide service to the whole road.

Yes, Hutchins answered. "It's totally unfair, I think, to do that one tiny section, when you look at the map and there are just a lot of residences."

The motion was approved.

Newman explained after the meeting that there's an opportunity to pursue sewer service on Carrollwood Drive because the work for the Woodlawn sewer project will open a ditch there to put in a forced main, so a gravity flow line could be added to serve the residences at the same time.

There is good developable land there that has potential to become home to new businesses, he added.

Adding Carrollwood Drive could add 22 customers to the 155 already planned for the Woodlawn sewer system, which will provide service to areas including Interstate 77's Exit 19 and Woodlawn.

The system will also connect to Galax's system for wastewater treatment.

The official groundbreaking for the Woodlawn sewer project occurred on Dec. 9.