Respect process of Bottle House sale

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Regarding the April 30 meeting of the Hillsville Town Council, Jody Early was well aware that neither he nor any other citizen has a right to address council on a matter that has not been placed on the council agenda per recommendation of the executive committee of council.
He was speaking out of order and should not normally have been given the time to speak on a matter not yet even agreed to by the committee.
Procedural rules are there for a purpose and not to be used as some self-interest would dictate.
I am sure citizens are aware of, and expect, an orderly manner of conducting business in council meetings.
Our family was contacted to inquire of our interest in the possible ownership by the town of the [Bottle House] property.
We set no figure on a possible sale. We did not know of the town’s possible “offer of $275,000.” Where did Mr. Early get his information?
Because of the town’s interest in preservation of the Bottle House, I feel that my parents, as native and lifelong residents, would have been pleased and honored to have the town as owner.
It would seem that the premature speechifying by Mr. Early has precluded orderly procedure and consideration by council.
He has a right to state his opinions at the appropriate time.
My family would like to know of possible public interest.  We plan to sell the property, hopefully to someone who will show it privately to interested parties, as my parents so frequently did.
They felt many times that public interest overrode their own convenience, and therefore rarely, if ever, turned away an interested party. I hope their spirit can be preserved.
Mary Fulcher Hulen