Respect anti-fluoride group

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I would like to thank all our local government entities, including the Virginia/North Carolina Water Authority, for taking time to hear discussion on the fluoridation issue.
I would like to point out that there was never any intention to cast aspersions at the honesty of any of our local officials, nor was there any question of their loyalty to their citizens and their duties of office.
We deeply appreciate the work you do and realize that in cases like this, it probably feels like a thankless job.
I take issue with being called a “fanatic” because that word is loaded with negative connotations.
Webster’s Dictionary defines “fanatic” as anything from zealous to enthusiastic, from partisan to impassioned. We are probably a little of each of those things.
What we are NOT is crazy, irrational, or closed-minded.
We have listened to the pro-fluoride evidence presented, especially by the state health departments, and have refuted it with evidence of our own.
We have not ignored anyone’s contribution on either side and have tried our best to be respectful.
I would also like to address the “attacks” Mr. Vaught mentioned [letter published Dec. 13] upon both the Sparta mayor and health department officials from Raleigh.
As I sat in the audience waiting for the county commissioners’ meeting to begin, I was treated to Mayor Miller’s condescending comments and jokes to health department reps, including belittling myself and others for “making such a fuss over a thing like this” and calling us “hysterical housewives.”
I changed my seat so I would not be tempted to respond in kind. I heard no hateful comments addressed to those visiting gentlemen. They were nice men just doing their job and I neither heard nor said anything to disparage them.
The anti-fluoridation contingent only asks that people be allowed the choice as to whether they use fluoride.
Putting it into the public water supply eliminates that choice. If you don’t care if the water authority fluoridates its water (and really, it’s OUR water), please respect the feelings of your neighbors who DO care and leave it out.

Linda Chekanow
People For A Clean Environment
Sparta, N.C.