Reserve judgment in Rooftop case

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I feel the need to answer the Readers’ Hotline caller, headlined “out of sight.”
First, Christina Bedsaul is not my “child.” She is a grown woman with values. The most unselfish person you could meet, and, no, I did not go to work with her.
However, I know that some days she worked 10-plus hours. When I would call her to wish her a good day at 7:30 a.m. she answered her office phone. When I would call her at 5:30 or 5:45 to find out how much longer she was going to work, she answered her office phone.
Not only am I her mom, I’m her babysitter. She always let me know where she was in case I needed her.
If her little boy just wanted to say hi to his mom we could find her 90 percent of the time at her office phone.
Rooftop has lost the best director since Marie Haga. I am not defending my daughter, because she needs no defending. I am just stating facts and I do not have to hide my name behind the “Hotline” and still proud to be her mom.
If you know Chris, you know her character. If you do not know her, I’m sorry, it is your loss. Reserve your judgment until the whole story is revealed.
Darlene Gillespie