Repeal of zoning would be harmful to Grayson

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The largest investment most people make is buying a home, which is protected under existing zoning laws.
Without zoning, property values will plummet if a neighbor decides to set up a hog lot, a nightclub with exotic dancers, or junkyard next door.
Health and safety also suffers when we can’t even prevent convicted sexual predators from moving in next to the school.
Zoning helps protect private investment by providing those who purchase property with certainty about the future.
Zoning also helps communities use public resources more efficiently. The costs of rural services are gigantic when compared to the cost for providing the same service in a properly planned community. No zoning causes higher taxes and worse service.
The Grayson County zoning ordinance cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement, including countless hours spent by volunteers who served on committees, boards and commissions, and hard costs paid to lawyers and consultants.
The county also paid staff to develop policies, forms and procedures required to implement and operate the ordinance.
Professionals like attorneys, bankers, engineers, surveyors, developers, real estate, insurance agents, and many others invested time in learning the regulations so they could serve their clients.
To ignore this investment in favor of throwing out the zoning ordinance on a whim is an unjustified waste of taxpayer money.
In addition, re-writing the ordinances to replace the legal framework will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars MORE.
Robert Smith