Removing obstacles to higher education

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By The Gazette

A higher education for residents of Galax, Carroll County and Grayson County used to entail a lot of mileage and time away from work and family, not to mention unthinkable amounts of gas money.
Today, that’s no longer the case.
After Crossroads Institute opened in 2005, locals were able to take distance learning classes through Wytheville Community College, which offers an assortment of two-year degrees and the opportunity to transfer to even higher institutions of learning.
Now, thanks to Crossroads partnering with major universities, students can remain in this area while earning an assortment of bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and even doctorates.
With the addition of the Higher Education Center, classes can connect using brand new technology that is capable of broadcasting information wherever it is needed. Thanks to a simple click of a button, no one has to miss a thing.
Crossroads seems to understand that working individuals need a flexible alternative if they ever hope to further their education. Students can pick an online program where they can set their own schedule, or they can opt for a real classroom experience without having to commute long distances or relocate.
And in the end, the area will benefit from the many members of the community trained in various expertise. They will improve in their current jobs and become eligible for newer and better-paying opportunities.
For removing the barriers of time and distance between students and their goals, Crossroads Institute deserves praise for recognizing where community success truly begins — with an educated workforce.