Red Cross Needs Our Help

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While some are unaware of the services provided by the Woods River Chapter of American Red Cross — which serves Galax, Grayson, Carroll and Wythe counties — to others, especially people who have received help after losing their home or even their job, its efforts are evident.

The Red Cross assists locally and nationally, mobilizing a slew of volunteers to help suffering and victims that have been hit hard by tragedy. It prepares others to help the less fortunate; brings families back together after being separated during war or disasters; clothes and feeds the ones who have lost homes in fires; and provides other services.

Even though the number of people it assists is endless, the Woods River Chapter has finite funds. The agency supports itself and relies on volunteers and donations to provide services to those in need.

Not only should the Red Cross be applauded for its efforts in feeding the poor and helping to provide shelter to those who lose their homes, but it should also be supported financially.

One way to show appreciation is for golf enthusiasts to register and attend the Red Cross fundraiser tournament on May 9 at the Galax Municipal Golf Course. And for people who are fortunate enough, consider dropping the Red Cross a few bucks.

Perhaps you may have to call on the Red Cross one day. After all, you never know when disaster could strike close to home.