Real work begins

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Last week it was announced that California-based Med-Fit Systems, Inc. had come to the rescue of more than 100 people about to lose their jobs in Grayson County.

Leaders of the 23-year-old physical therapy and senior care products provider offered 115 of the 170-plus employees a position with the newly named business in Grayson and vowed to return to full staff within 36 months.

Grayson leaders worked diligently for several months to keep as many jobs as possible in an area suffering from a 12 percent unemployment rate.

Now the real work begins.

Med-Fit Systems Inc. has given a glimpse of hope that manufacturing jobs can survive in America.

Company leaders showed their commitment to keeping good paying jobs within the borders of the United States and have put their faith in those employees at the Independence plant to provide quality merchandise.

Just as Med-Fit Systems begins its journey into the commercial fitness equipment business sector, Grayson County begins its partnership with a new company, one that replaces the highest taxpayer and employer that the county’s private sector has to offer.

Nautilus was a major employer in the community for more than three decades and most recently employed 173 people.

Let’s hope the partnership with Med-Fit Systems is as long and fruitful as the one with Grayson and Nautilus was.