Readers' Hotline 9/7/11

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Show them how
Since the Carroll County School Board thinks their teachers are too stupid to write lessons plans and too ignorant to know how to dress professionally, perhaps they should spend $15,000 to $20,000 to bring in an expert who can show these hillbilly teachers how to teach and how to dress professionally.

Pull some weeds
Mountain View Park is a beautiful park but why can’t someone pull the weeds in the flowerbeds and put some mulch in there? Such a shame.

In response to the Aug. 22 story, “Carroll School projects ready to bid again,” why are we spending millions of dollars on office space? Why not put that money into making space for instruction? Why are we spending money on an auxiliary gym? Would that not be better spent on heating, cooling and plumbing that actually works and is efficient? Prioritize. Classrooms, teachers, working bathrooms, a ventilation system that doesn’t make you sick and educational materials are what need to be phase three. Close Woodlawn, by all means, and fix the issues at the existing schools as well.

Off to their mansions?
I bet all our millionaire and billionaire congressmen who like to tell us what we can and cannot have in this country fled to foreign countries and their mansions so they wouldn’t have to deal with Hurricane Irene. Now will they fix our infrastructures?
Editor’s note: Actually, there are no billionaire members of Congress. Remember, one billion is a thousand million. The Center for Responsive Politics reported last year that 261 of the 535 members of the U.S. Congress were millionaires (there are 435 members of the House, 100 members of the Senate). That makeup changed with the 2010 election and we couldn’t find a current total. Roll Call, a newspaper of Capitol Hill, reported the following as the Top 10 richest members of Congress this year: Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, $294 million; Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Cal., $220 million; Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass, $193 million; Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., $81 million; Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., $76 million; Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo., $65 million; Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., $55 million; Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D- Conn., $52 million, Sen. Diane Fienstein, D-Cal., $45 million; Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., $44 million.

Operators standing by
I was in for a pleasant surprise this week when I called the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office to report a prowler and that automated answering machine was gone. That thing needed to be gone. This is Grayson County, not Washington, D.C. You should be able to call places around here and talk to an actual human being.

Faint praise
Well, I guess I can’t begrudge Appalachian Power Company for their rate increases now that I know they are doubling as police and conducting drug raids. So, for once, and I am almost choking as I say this, “Way to go APCo. Great drug bust. For once you are doing a good job and I feel like my money is hard at work."
Editor’s note: APCo reported a house in Grayson County that was stealing power, and police found a major marijuana operation inside when they responded.

Mind your kids
It sure is a lot of fun when people let their kids run down the hill in your back yard and throw all their trash and leave it and the parents don’t even watch them and you are disabled and it is very hard for you to pick it up. I doubt if parents even know they are doing it.

Speeding in Fries
I want to let the state troopers and county cops know that in the Eagle Bottom section of Fries, there is speeding going on up and down all the time. We call the cops. The cops come through. You just don’t come through at the right time to catch them. A lot of times there are children at play. There are older people that walk on the road to get exercise for their health. It is really dangerous. Down toward the Church of God, there are blind spots in the curves and you really have to travel at a safe speed but some people don’t. They come around there and almost hit you head on. There are no lines on the road — no divider — and something really needs to be done because there is going to be a tragic accident down there.

Step aside
I would just like to comment on the Miss CCIS pageant. I didn’t have anyone entered in this contest. I was just there to watch. The judges must have been blind. There was one girl there who made no mistakes. She looked like a princess. She had poise, style, grace and class. The winner was related to [someone affiliated with the schools]. Judges are supposed to be fair. In any contest, rules state that if you are affiliated with anyone that works there then you are ineligible to participate.

Looking presentable
I agree with all the comments about Carroll County High School teachers looking very professional. This has always been a profession, so why should teachers come in blue jeans and their tight T-shirts? Thanks, Carroll County, for cleaning it up. I wish other places would follow suit.

Have a recount
I’m calling about the Miss CCIS Pageant. I think they need to have a recount. They said the ladies adding up the scores had done it in record speed. Well, they must have made a mistake because everyone that was there knew whom the winner should have been. There was a beautiful little girl in a purple dress who was by far the best all-around.

Chill out
I’m calling in response to the article, “looking ahead.” Someone wrote in about Mr. Obama’s big bus tour. I think they need to recall Mr. Bush’s mess and I think if they would really get down and study this thing, they would not be calling about Mr. Obama. I think everybody needs to chill out.

I was just reading the Hotline comment [about the dress code for teachers] that a Carroll County teacher put in the paper. I hope the superintendent reads this paper and you will no longer have a job, because I do not want you teaching my daughter. I am afraid you may be just a hair too big for this job.

Concert coming
Kudos to the young gentleman who is bringing the Christian concert to Galax in September. This is the second one. This is wonderful. This young man has a goal of helping others see the love of Jesus to bring the word of Jesus to others. I hope everyone will support this man’s purpose. Galax can have Christian concerns. I hope it continues on. Blessings to this young man.

Build the skills
Regarding the three area school superintendents who say, “No, our schools can’t meet the standards. We just can’t do it. It’s an impossible task,” I would like to see them focus on making their three school systems better. Do more things to prepare the students. Prepare students not only for college, but prepare students for careers — technical, vocational fields. Graduate students that are job ready. That’s what our area needs. We need a ready-to-work workforce. If we want employers to come to this area, if we want this area to do better economically, we need to have a workforce that is educated, that has skills. Our high schools can do that for us.

Mascot is back
I am so thankful to see the Grayson County High School football team has their famous mascot back — The Sideliner. Hope it is a good year for them.