Readers' Hotline 9/5/11

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Overdoing it
In reply to the couponing issue in the Hotline, it may be true, but manufacturers issue coupons so customers can use them, but not abuse them. For example, you have people going to the store using 20 coupons on the same item. That’s called abuse and fraud.

Family feud
Both candidates for Grayson County sheriff are generally good people. They are using Christian-based beliefs as to what they are following and I feel this is fine. My problem is, you hear nothing out of these candidates about each other, yet the families are the ones trashing each other. Grayson County is a small community. Regardless, one of these men is going to win. They have their own beliefs. We have to put our faith in them in running our county as best they see fit. Please get the families to stop fighting on Facebook. Let us quit going to the dentist’s office and them trashing one candidate, going to the hospital, going to the schools. It is the families that are fighting, not our two candidates. Let our candidates run the best that they can and handle the situations that are laid before them the best they can and leave their families out of it. I pray for both of these men.

Gold stars
Here are four gold stars for V&M Recycling. There must be a woman in charge up there.

Starchy foods
Come on Grayson County Schools. Can’t we give our kids better menu choices? Monday — sandwich, French fries; Tuesday — get this one – cheese steaks with potato fries; Thursday — we have fries again. Fries, fries, mashed potatoes. Is all we ever going to serve our kids is high starchy foods? What ever happened with the USDA guidelines? A lot of these kids don’t even get good meals. All they see is fast food and pop from the freezer to the microwave. Let’s prove we can fix some country style meals.
Editor’s note: With gravy and fatback?

To be honest, I think the denim rule at Carroll County High School is outrageous.
Editor’s note: Teachers at the school must now follow a dress code.

I would like to know if anybody is interested in what it means to be a teacher in Carroll County these days. Teachers have to go through advanced scrutiny, have a high accountability rate for student success, have to be evaluated by administrators and peers. Everybody wants to know why teachers are in such a bad mood all the time. Try teaching for a day. Most teachers at Carroll County High School have on average 70 to 80 kids in their classes throughout the day. When do teachers get to evaluate their administrators, the school board representatives and the superintendent?

Support your teachers
I challenge every taxpaying Carroll County citizen to start attending school board meetings. They are on the second Tuesday of every month at 6 o’clock. People, we have to start attending. These leaders have made lives miserable [for certain teachers], which in turn hurts the students. Get out there, participate and help your teachers out.

Willing to help
I would just like to mention a special thanks to the two young ladies who stopped and helped me this morning when I fell on Country Club Lane. It was a very kind deed and I appreciate it. It shows we do have some very nice young people in Galax.
Back in time
Does anybody out there know the genius that came up with the idea of putting tar and gravel on these good blacktop, asphalt roads? Carroll County has topped itself this time. I live on Cranberry Road and we had a good blacktop asphalt road and they came along and went back 20 years with tar and gravel. What in the world were they thinking?

Good idea
I would like to comment on the helpline idea mentioned Aug. 24. I would be more than willing to help with that. I have been there many times myself and we need that kind of service in this area.

Don’t count on it
I saw a funny and pure fantasy headline in the paper this past Wednesday. It read, “Carroll hopeful Griffith can help area land manufacturing jobs.” What a joke. Rep. Griffith is way too busy trying to destroy the EPA and get rid of healthcare that millions of people could not afford, to worry about jobs in Carroll County. Just read his columns. Never have I read how he is going to get jobs for our area. All he says is how he is doing his best to get rid of what he calls Obamacare and how he wants to close down the EPA. So, Carroll County supervisors, do not depend on him to help our area with jobs or anything else.

Time to crack down
With all the law enforcement we have, why can’t they clean up all the drugs and crack houses. It is right there in plain view.
Editor’s note: If you are that sure, you could always take the next step and report specifics to the authorities.

Selective stimulus
The Grayson County School Board is setting a bad example. The superintendent stated publicly that all school employees would receive a $500 stimulus to help with the rising cost of health insurance. So, everyone that read that believes it. Well, here’s the truth. The part-time employees — some that work close to 30 hours a week — and don’t get any insurance through the school, don’t get it. They have to buy their own private insurance or go without and pay their medical bills themselves. They need it more than the ones with the company plan.
Editor’s note: Sounds like the employees working less than 30 hours per week are in part-time status, which typically does not carry benefits in the world of employment. That’s the nature of part-time work.

Pageants belong in past
Concerning beauty pageants representing a strong independent woman, aren’t beauty pageants taking a step back for women? We want society to see women as more than a pretty face. We want to be recognized for our smarts, our education and our accomplishments. And we are offended at things as small as cat calls and as sickening as pedophilia. But we still support young girls — even toddlers — making themselves up to look like adults in skimpy and sexual clothing. With all the options for children to be socialized and engaged including sports, dance, the arts, volunteerism, continuing education, doesn’t it seem that beauty pageants should be left in the early 1900s along with sexism?

Don’t touch it
Politicians in Washington, D.C. — Dizzy City — talk about trying to change the Social Security system and balancing the budget. Social Security doesn’t belong to the government. It belongs to the people. We have been paying into it ever since we were 18 years old until we are 65 or whatever. If they try to change anything they are going to be in big doo-doo. Another thing, I keep getting this stuff in the mail for donations to re-elect Obama. Obama is a dead horse. He is kaput. By the way, come 2012 election day, put in a vote: every one of them out.

Anger management
I was at the Galax-Carroll football game and witnessed a schools employee/parent screaming at a young child and using degrading, derogatory comments. I am appalled that I witnessed such a display of anger directed toward a young child. I witnessed the incident between the two children and the child that was attacked verbally was innocent. Hopefully the parent of this child will read this and take proper action. I recommend anger management for this Carroll County employee.

Only buckwheat
I was wondering where we could get buckwheat flour that is the pure buckwheat without the other flour added with it. When I was growing up we got pure buckwheat flour and it was a lot better and it browns a lot better than this mix. I just wonder if they still make it anywhere.

Police power
Finally, something to be happy at Appalachian Power for. Good job on the drug bust, guys.
Editor’s note: APCo reported a Grayson County homeowner that was stealing electricity, and police discovered a marijuana growing operation in the house, with pot plants valued at $1.5 million.