Readers' Hotline 9/4/13

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Is it fair?
In regard to the trooper rear-ending a citizen’s car, if I rear-end someone it is an automatic ticket. However, when the trooper rear-ends someone, there are no charges filed. Is this fair?

Youth in contrast
Just a few miles can make all the difference. We recently attended the Carroll County Fair. It was such a pleasure to attend. It was like the fairs of long ago. You did not hear any of the kids running around using profane language. Everyone was hospitable ― people laughing and having a good time. Of course, the weather was exquisite. The thing was affordable. You pay one price to get in and your rides are included. You had to pay extra for games and things, but they have to make their money, too. So unlike the carnivals and fairs of Galax where you don’t even want to go because the youth run absolutely wild with no supervision and no evidence of any upbringing whatsoever. Again, I say, what a difference.

Why not?
I don’t believe The Gazette’s Readers’ Hotline believes in freedom of speech and I think all of them that work there must be Muslims because if you say anything about the Muslims, The Gazette will not print it.
Editor’s note: We reserve the right to edit out offensive statements, which was done with this call, too.

Work for me
Concerning the statement that 1,000 people in Galax are hungry and don’t know where their next meal will come from, I would like to know what’s wrong with them. If they weren’t too sorry to work, why aren’t they out doing odd jobs helping older people that don’t have help. There are older people in Galax that would like to give them a good meal or a little money to help them out. Looks like they would advertise for an odd job.

Ordinary citizen
I see in the paper where the trooper was not charged for a rear-end collision that totaled the woman’s car. I bet you one thing, if it had been a local citizen — me, you — out here on a secondary road and if you run off in a ditch, you would be charged with reckless driving.

In response to the Readers’ Hotline last week, the third floor at Twin County Regional Hospital was operating fully last week. Thanks to Duke LifePoint and some wonderful doctors we have here already. They are a blessing to Galax.
Editor’s note: According to the hospital administration, the patient census has increased to the point that TCRH is now using the third floor again.

Let them be
This is to the person that keeps posting about walking through smoke at the rest home. Those people are locked in there. If they want to enjoy a smoke, let them be. If you don’t like going in that way, go through the basement. Or, when you get there, maybe they won’t let you have your ice cream.
Repeat is possible
When are people going to learn they cannot keep turning sex offenders back out on the street to go ahead and do the crime again? People that turn these sex offenders out need to be put in jail themselves.

No U-turn
At a local Galax fast food restaurant that has the golden arches, an officer was observed doing a U-turn at 10:20 in the morning on Aug. 27. It is clearly posted for no U-turn. I’m sure his bagel is not a police emergency. I was just wondering since when the police officers were above the law? How can they cite citizens and civilians for traffic infractions?

Honorable office
The office of mayor is an honorable office and that is how the Hillsville mayor is addressed, as the honorable Mayor Gregory Crowder. Considering that he and his wife, both, were charged with impersonating officers of the law, I would say [the charges] are not honorable at all. I would suggest that the people demand his resignation.
Editor’s note: That would only apply if Crowder were convicted. State code says that a circuit court may remove an elected official convicted of a misdemanor after a petition is signed by registered voters equal to 10 percent of the total number of votes cast at the last election for that particular office.

Double standard?
Wait a minute, wait a minute. You are telling me that cop that rear-ended that car is not going to be charged? If any regular citizen would have hit that car, he would have been charged. I guess Grayson County lets them do it. Ureal. Unreal.
Editor’s note: Virginia State Police have said the trooper’s accident resulted in no charges and is being handled “administratively.”

School bus security
I noticed that we got a security guard in our schools. We need security guards on the buses, too. That’s the most dangerous place. Because there isn’t but a bus driver on the bus. What if somebody on the side of the road decided they want to come on the bus? What could a bus driver do? They need to look in to this and kind of study this out. I know a lot of things happened in Roanoke that they considered putting a security guard on the bus. This might be a good thing to do for all counties.