Readers' Hotline 9/26/11

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This is for the ladies who wear perfume to the grocery store and restaurants. There are so many of us that have allergies that it is very uncomfortable for us to be around you. Please, just don’t wear it to these two places and we would be grateful. You are beautiful and don’t need it.

Flimsy façade?
We just finished commemorating the 9-11 disaster there, and let me tell you something. That World Trade Center was built by Japanese architects. The building was flimsy to start with. In 1947, the only bomber in the fog smashed into the Empire State Building. Didn’t move that building one bit. The bomber was stuck right in the building. They had to get cranes to take it out of there. Then again in 1960, just before Christmas, another bomber in the fog hit the Empire State Building. One of the engines fell down on the street. The thing about that World Trade Center and Twin Towers — that place was flimsy to start with. The main structure was steel but the rest of it was just a façade.
Editor’s note: The quality of building materials aside, it’s not accurate to compare the two incidents. The two bombers that crashed into the Empire State Building were prop planes, much smaller aircraft than the passenger planes that hit the World Trade Center buildings and using a very different aircraft fuel. The passenger planes’ volatile jet fuel burns much hotter and is highly explosive, and their fuel tanks were reportedly full for a cross-country flight. The passenger planes were also traveling much faster than the bombers, causing significantly greater damage to the towers.

Out of danger
This is to the person that called in about the dangers of deer. I’m the person that called in about watching deer. I am 55 years old. My wife is 50. I have lived in the country all my life. Been hunting since I was 14 years old up until I was 30 years old. I know all about the dangers of deer. My wife was raised in the country. She knows about the dangers of deer. I thank you for your concern, but I don’t see how a deer can be dangerous with us sitting in our house or on our back porch and the deer about 50 or 60 yards away from, not bothering anything.

Still buzzing
I’ve got a yellow jackets’ nest I found under the ground the other day when I was mowing. I tried burning it out with gasoline last night. The flames burned for about an hour and then died down. This morning when I got up, they were still back there, still flying around. What can I kill them with?
Editor’s note: If they’re immune to fire, maybe you should move.

Dirty pants
The aluminum bleachers at Grayson County football field need pressure washing. They are filthy.

What does it bring?
It is a shame that Grayson County is now using citizens’ tax dollars for Twin County Airport. Is the airport making any profits? What does it give back to Galax, Carroll and now Grayson County? How long have they said the airport is here to attract new businesses? I don’t see any new businesses coming in. Do they think everyone is idiots and has their heads stuck in the sand? We all know the airport is there just for a few to enjoy. By that I mean the wealthy flying and playing with their own private planes. Who has inquired about future employment because of the airport? I say the airport will bring in about as many new jobs as the gas pipeline brought in. Grayson County needs its own tax dollars for citizens in their own county.
Top 10
I was wondering if anybody had noticed the Timesland Top 10 football teams in The Roanoke Times. It looks like all Mountain Empire District Teams are getting total disrespect there. Just wondered if anybody else had seen it. Look at number 9.
Editor’s note: Leading into the games of Sept. 23, The Roanoke Times’ ranking of top 10 teams in Western Virginia had Grayson County seventh and Galax ninth. Both are Mountain Empire teams.

Thinks it’s wrong
I would like to make a comment about these people — men marrying men and women marrying women. I don’t care what anybody says, there is something wrong… They need to read their Bible about Sodom and Gomorrah.

When you are riding and checking out Cranberry Road, how about looking at the mess up here at the high school that is running down on top of everybody.
Wrong hours
There are restaurants around here that stay open too late at night and don’t open early enough in the morning.

Turned away
You might not be required by law or have to buy insurance if you don’t want it or can’t afford it. But, go to a doctor and the first thing they want to know is — you either have to have cash or insurance. The majority, you are lucky if anybody will see you if you don’t have it. Which would you rather do, have insurance or be sick and can’t see a doctor because a lot of times you get turned away?

Coverage too prominent
I must agree with “grief stricken.” This is a mother who is hurting over the loss of her son. This should not have been put on the front page, although I do understand. Small town, small town newspaper, get your news where you can, but I am quite sure this hurt this lady greatly.
Editor’s note: The public nature of this event on the New River Trail prompted the newspaper to report it, and without identifying the deceased. Generally the newspaper does not report about suicides unless they involve a public act, a public figure or a public official.

Words are powerful
This is regarding the front page article covering the suicide of the young man [on the New River Trail] which was printed in your paper a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately sensationalism sells, but at what price? Please remember that words can be very powerful and once they are spoken, they can’t be taken back.
Editor’s note: No more calls about this matter.

Needs mowing
It’s a shame that renters in the new Stanley complex on Stanley Drive cannot get their yards mowed. It makes it look bad on the rest of the community when one side is grown up and the other one is neatly mowed.

Affects morale
Regarding Carroll County Schools and the high school dress code/lesson plan fiasco, I would imagine the professional staff are not so much upset about the mandates as they are about the way it was presented. Administration, what were you thinking by addressing this issue on the front page of the local newspaper and from the beginning treating your professional staff like students? From an outsider’s point of view, the administrators are the ones that need a refresher course in professional development. You should include staff in decisions and ideas that affect them and may or may not affect their students. Many of your teaching staff individually has logged more hours in a classroom than all of you put together. My advice to the administration: change places with your professional staff for a week. Take off your suits and ties and go back to the classroom. Maybe you will recognize that poor morale among staff leads to poor morale in the student body. Thus, eradicating the proposed intent of this mandate. This may just be what the doctor ordered.
Editor’s note: Due to the new dress code, the administrators would have to leave their ties on if they switched places with teachers. No more calls about the dress code issue.

Not justified
Appalachian Power keeps wanting to raise rates. What do they want, more millions for the taxpayers to pay? They should be ashamed, with people struggling and they want more and more. Sounds like our Congress.