Readers' Hotline 9/24/12

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Missed the boat
Well, looks like the tree-hugging do-gooders of Carroll County are at it again. They are opposing a wind farm — something that could potentially help all of us around here, maybe even reduce our electric bill that Appalachian Power keeps raising. But they all got to oppose it and come up with an ordinance to ban any future way of putting any wind farm up. Way to go, Carroll County. I guess y’all missed the whole thing about trying to be energy independent and trying to reduce electric bills.

Wants justice
Early this morning the American ambassador to Libya was killed. He was only there to help and do good. To say the least, he was killed because someone made a film about Mohammed and for that, you have made a Muslim mad. Americans ought to launch a full-scale investigation in to finding out who is responsible for the killing of the ambassador and the uprising in Egypt. Find out who is responsible and bring them to justice.

Last chance
Are we looking at the news? Where is our president? On 9/11, the United States had two embassies overtaken. A U.S. flag was taken down and burned. Our ambassador to Libya was killed. Our president supports the Muslim Brotherhood and wants to give them $1 billion of our tax money to help support them. He apologized to them for anything we may have done to hurt them. They are our enemy and want to kill us. And our president supports them? Wake up. Educate yourself. Vote. This is our last chance to make America strong again. This could be our last chance to vote.

No chance
I’m calling about the schools, how they treat the poor kids different from the rich. If the kids are poor, they don’t stand a chance. They are picked on and if they have any kind of other problems at all, they are automatically singled out. There should be a stop to it. No matter what, bullying is still going on and there is nothing going to ever be done about it. The poor kids are always blamed with everything or the kids who have problems. They are blamed automatically for anything that happens and something should be done about it.

Get America going
Just to give you an answer to undesirable jobs talking about coal and Obama and electricity rates and people working in the coal mines and all. My father worked in the coal mines. My uncles worked in the coal mines back when they made about $12 or $14 a shift. They worked for years and one of my uncles didn’t live but a couple months after he retired from the coal mine. I don’t think what you are saying about black lung would be any more harm than a man smoking cigarettes or using perfumes with the stuff in it. If God wants us to have cancer or whatever, that is what is going to take place. We can’t blame it all on a job. If we are going to get this country going, we are going to have to do things we don’t want to do. We are going to have to go back to digging ditches by pick and shovel and doing things to get America back like the old folks founded.

Doesn’t matter
On the paying fines regarding Obama, if you are low income, you get vouchers or discounts and nobody ever ends up paying a fine anyway the way they have got it set up.

Lend your support
This is in reference to the caller that said President Obama needs four more years. I totally agree. I think Bush left him a mess and Obama is doing a great job. I do think Congress needs to support him and the people of Galax do, also.

In response
This is for the volleyball team whiner. To the mother who thinks her daughter is the best player. She is playing for high school, not for pee-wee. The coach will decide who is going to play, not you.
Editor’s note: No more calls about this matter

Freedom at risk
To learn where Obama is coming from and where he intends to take America, read his book, “Dreams From My Father.” It’s in the local libraries. Go see the documentary, “2016: Obama’s America.” It shows where Obama came from and where he intends to take America. Most of the media is liberal and do not show anything against Obama. Obama’s main objective is to take America as low as he can and if he gets four more years, the freedom of America will be lost.

Vote for the person
Just because you happen to be a Republican, that doesn’t mean you should vote for a person if they are not the right kind of a person. I am an independent and a great grandparent and this is about the worst Republican running for president I have seen. Just voting because you are in the party — you need to vote for the person not just because you are either rich or it is just not right. This is really going to be a disaster.

Worst ever
I feel sorry for all the people who want Obama to have a second chance. He is the worst president we have ever had. One more term will destroy the America we love. Over half the Democrats at their convention did not even want God in their platform after three votes, but they still put it in there one time. The committee put God in just one time. Take a good look at Democrat and Republican platforms and see who is for same-sex marriage, abortions, borrowing money to give to the U.N. and other nations. Obama doesn’t even honor our constitution, our beliefs, nothing. With Obama, our children and great-grandchildren will have no rights, no freedoms, no future.

Register to vote
If you are rich, you don’t have to worry because you are not going to have a voucher. Isn’t it better to be a president that has Social Security and also has a check and Medicare even though some of it may be changed. But, very doubtful because people 55 and older are not supposed to be concerned, but the people that are rich are not going to be concerned with Obama. Romney is rich. The middle class will have to pay taxes because the rich won’t have to pay [enough] taxes. Think about this. Parents can’t afford to send children to school unless they are rich and how many people are rich in this area? God bless everybody, but register to vote because it is very scary with Romney. Much more than it is with Obama.

Pray without ceasing
Thanks to churches that still believe in revivals, that still have Bible studies through summer months as well as winter. In fact, summer months are better because of the weather. And, thanks to the churches where the preachers treat the people who don’t have a lot as if they were the rich ones in church. Thanks for preachers that really care about us. I applaud the preachers for revival. What has happened to churches? When little ones die out and they don’t grow, the church will die out too. We need to pray to God more and more, without ceasing.

Spin, instead of details
Neither party has a true platform and neither candidate has a real plan to benefit the people. We need a constitutional amendment forbidding non-citizens from owning U.S. property and American interests. We need term limits and a requirement that Congress balance the budget every year. We need a flat tax with no exceptions and equal to all. We need to kill Medicaid and Medicare programs and issue million dollar medical cards that individuals can use. That isn’t socialized medicine, it’s capitalism. I know on my card, no one would get away with charging me $10 for an aspirin. I would shop for the best treatment at the best price. What about a one-time bailout of the American people instead of the criminals at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae? And, what about Social Security? Neither candidate is addressing any of these issues with plans instead of spin.

Thanks to Horton’s
I would like to thank Horton’s Supermarket for doing things like the grocery giveaway drawings this month, throughout the hard times this community has endured.
Editor’s note: This is the last week to enter your name for the $125 free grocery giveaway sponsored by Horton’s and The Gazette. Clip an entry form from The Gazette and take it to the store to enter.

Enough pools already
Thank you, Supervisor Hendrick, for the “no” vote on the feasibility study for a pool and water park in Carroll County. For less expense, an advertised public hearing with only those who pay Carroll County real estate tax or those willing to pledge a sizable donation for the pool expense be allowed to speak. How many of the 2,168 citizens on Facebook pay Carroll real estate taxes? How can the board of supervisors justify this expense for three months —recreation for a small percentage of people when we already have pools at the Carroll County Wellness Center and the Galax Recreation Center 12 months a year? As it should be, only those who use the facilities, pay there.
Editor’s note: Hendrick said he voted “no” on the feasibility study for the pool because he feels it is too early in the planning stages and the county is still deciding what it wants to do. He did not indicate that he opposed the idea of a new swimming pool.