Readers' Hotline 9/19/12

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Shouldn’t be allowed
Thanks to the Grayson County and Carroll County sheriff’s departments and the Virginia State Police for the fine job they do. I would like to ask, are they public servants or does the public serve them? Why are they allowed to drive up and down the streets at 65-70 miles an hour, talking on cell phones, not coming to complete stops at red lights, breaking traffic laws that they write us tickets for? Shouldn’t we be allowed to make citizens’ arrests or be able to call and report them for breaking the same laws that the average Joe breaks? Observe and see if it is just me or are other people in the community finding that sometimes they are at high rates of speed in these sheriff’s cars that could cause accidents, especially on rainy, wet roads.

Correct the error
I’m not a Democrat or Republican, but I think this election that is coming up, if we want this nation to stay Christian, we are going to have to correct the error that was made last election. I’m not either one. I vote for whichever man I think is best to put in office and I think everybody, if they did that, we wouldn’t be in the shape we are right now. Search your souls and think about this president going against [things that are] in the Bible.
Look it up
In the Hotline on Sept. 12, [there was a call], “moved by movie,” about “2016: Obama’s America.” I would be very pleased if the paper would put in it how you can see this movie. I think everybody ought to try to see it. I would love to see it.
Editor’s note: It isn’t being shown in Galax. You could always look up nearby theaters on the Internet for showtimes.

I don’t know who anybody is supposed to vote for. First, one side is against gay marriage and same-sex marriage. They are against healthcare for everyone, which we all need. Also, the documentary of the Mormon Church — I don’t know what to think about any of this stuff. Then, Paul Ryan was talking against healthcare, then he was writing a letter trying to get help from it. The whole mess is crazy.

Prayers at odds
I beg to differ with the “not socialism” caller who stated we have a good Christian man in office. He is not a Christian, because Christians don’t support gay marriage and they don’t support murdering children through abortion. This person says they are praying for four more years in office. I am praying even harder for four years of him not in office. I pray he doesn’t get elected.
Alternative candidate
Virgil Goode ought to join the Republican party. I wonder how much the Republicans paid him to try to mess Obama up.
Editor’s note: The conventional wisdom is that Goode, an independent candidate, will harm the Republican nominee in Virginia more than Mr. Obama.

Don’t show it
I have a comment about the new soup kitchen. You say you feed everybody around. Well, you shouldn’t splatter people’s pictures in the paper. If you will read your Bible, Matthew 6:1-4, it will tell you that.
Editor’s note: It’s not fair to blame the soup kitchen for the publicity. The Gazette worked with the charity’s organizers to write an article and took photos of their charity at work to help get the word out to people in need.

What to do?
This election is unreal. One side doesn’t believe in hell. The other side is for gay marriage. My Bible teaches gay marriage is wrong and marriage is between a man and woman. Also, it teaches there is a hell. So, what do you do when one side is one way and one side is the other? Are you listening to Virgil Goode?

Protection lifted
Bank of America is laying off 30,000 people and gave jobs to the Philippines. Money given to Planned Parenthood. Bailouts with federal government staff going on million dollar meetings and getting bonuses would go a long way for replacing money taken for Medicare and saving Medicare. Democrats just voted three times that they put God back into the platform and [recognize] Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Three times God and Jerusalem were booed and voted out. Jesse Jackson said it didn’t matter. He mentioned the Muslim faith. When God is put out, he lifts his protection like 9/11, hurricanes, etc., for a while.

Meter is running
I am concerned that my Appalachian Power bill was over $20 higher this month and all my neighbors say theirs is lower and I can’t understand this. How they do their billing. Please have somebody explain this.
Off base
I’m calling about the comment, “not socialism.” I’d like the caller to know Obama is not a Christian. He is a Muslim and if you remember, he did not take his oath of office on the Bible, but on the Koran. While you opened your eyes, you should have got the peanut butter out of your ears.
Editor’s note: The caller is grossly incorrect. Barack Obama is a Christian. At his swearing-in in January 2009, he used the same Bible that Abraham Lincoln used for his inauguration in 1861.

A sad day
Wake up, Democrats. It is a sad day in history when the Democratic Party chooses to eliminate God [from its party platform] and also take Jerusalem out of the platform as being the capital of Israel. It only took a short time for the DNC to realize that a lot of Democrats would not fall for this deception, which has been going on for the last four years. May God have mercy on the people of this country who have made a mockery of the Holy Bible, God’s word forever.

Deserving clarification
Would you please clarify why your editors correct certain callers and not others? Last week you gave a long response as to why the caller had it wrong about tax cuts and the Affordable Care Act. On the same page, a caller claimed C-SPAN proves Obama is the Anti-Christ. That doesn’t deserve the same clarification of “so-called” facts?
Editor’s note: That was the caller’s opinion. You can’t fact-check on opinion.

Simple life
This is an answer to “what is needed.” We do need another George Washington. Our country would be a whole lot better if we had the old-fashioned houses built back then and the stove pipe coming out of the top, smoke coming out of the chimney, a hog to kill and a cow to milk and a horse to work and a pair of bibbed overalls and long-handled underwear and long-sleeved shirts. We would be in real good shape. I am proud you put that in there. I understand what you are talking about. We would only be making about 10 cents an hour and that is plenty for anybody. That is all anybody needs.

Thumbs up
The new restaurant on East Stuart Drive is an awesome place for this small town. The owner should be commended. Great food, great prices, great environment.

Negative message
I would like to voice my opinion concerning the Maroon Tide volleyball teams. I have attended the last few games and it concerns me that the same girls play every game. Very little substitution and most games, not any. Whereas, at the same time, the opposing teams alternate players and play as a team. Each girl attends practice and works hard, only to sit out the entire game. It bothers me the negative message this is sending and how it affects their self-esteem. If I were a parent, I would be very upset and I hope these coaches will take a more positive approach to their coaching tactics.

Platform flap
How many Democrats does it take to screw in a light bulb? It sure took a lot of them to approve God to be put back in the party platform in the phrase “God-given.” I just can’t believe that party has come to this and that should be taken into consideration when we all cast our ballots in November.

Tearing down
Ever since I can remember, the Republicans have been trying to tear down everything Franklin Delano Roosevelt did for the American people. And, they will mess up if they get elected.

No kidding
I’m calling about the person in the Hotline that said we have a Christian man in office as president. Are you kidding me? Are you really kidding me? A man that believes in gay marriages is a Christian man? Boy, you ain’t reading my Bible, honey.

Asset on the bench
As parent of a volleyball player, it saddens me to watch the same girls play the whole entire game, every single game. I thought the purpose of being on a team was to practice, play, win, lose, as a team. But, this is not a team. The team is the six girls that play. How will the girls that sit on the bench learn the game? This hurts their self-confidence and gives them the feeling they are not good enough when that is the very reason we push these girls to play a sport. I thought the job of a coach on this level was to inspire the girls a love of the game so they will continue to want to play on JV and varsity levels. They don’t even get to play to see what the game is like. And, since they have no experience in the game, what are their chances of making JV teams the following years? Please give these girls a chance. Just substituting one at a time would at least make the girls feel a part of this team that they work so hard to be a part of.

Deserving better
God have mercy on America. Are you better off than you were four years ago? My answer is, no. This is the worst shape our country has ever been in. Senior citizens are losing what little we have to survive on. We don’t deserve this. We have worked all our life to get where we are and now, it has been taken away from us. We lost part of our insurance that goes with Medicare. It went up so high we had to drop it. I know what did it — Obama Care. He wants to force his plan on us. I hope America wakes up and votes him and his party out of office. He is out golfing or campaigning every day, wasting all of our tax money. We don’t want bigger federal government. We need less spending. By the way, he has been complaining ever since he was elected. That is the reason our country is in the shape it is in.

Thinking wrong
I live up Pipers Gap Road and right before you get to my house, there is a road that turns off to the right. I always give my signal to turn off at my house. Some of the people think I am going to turn off at that road right below my house so they pull right out in front of me and I have to hit my brakes and blow my horn. I think these people need to wait and see where a man is going to turn before they pull out. That’s what’s causing accidents — thinking something and thinking wrong.

Not at public expense
This call is about abortion and women’s right to choose. I truly think women have the right to choose but one also has the right to choose not to get pregnant and also, it shouldn’t be up to taxpayers for her to have a free abortion. If she is going to get pregnant and wants an abortion, she should be the one that pays for it.
Staring in disgust
In response to “gawkers,” I know when I go shopping, I stare in disgust and almost envy at the people with buggies full of junk food. I have paid taxes for seven years. I know that is not long compared to others, but I live off soup and sandwiches. I pay my taxes so you can eat that junk food yet I still make too much to get food stamps. That’s why you might catch me gawking.

No way
I don’t have enough money to vote a Republican ticket. On the other hand, if I was a multi-millionaire, I wouldn’t vote a Republican ticket. My dad went through the Great Depression and he said if you got a dime, it was hard to even keep it.

Lost allowance
How fair is it at the Grayson County cafeteria? The workers get nothing. They even got their $80 allowance for clothing and shoes cut out. But food service managers got new laptop computers this year. They are the lowest-paid staff in the system. They work the hardest, as the school as a whole depends on them. I hope the new superintendent will look into this. The transportation and support staff shouldn’t make as much as the women do in that cafeteria. They ought to try living on that salary for one day. You don’t know the job unless you have worked it, then walk around in your dress clothes and your sandals and tell others how to dress and act, yet take their allowance away from them. It’s not fair and it’s not right. We really need help in the cafeteria.
So attractive
In response to the person who wrote in about the staring problem at Walmart. Maybe it’s you and your family’s immense beauty that’s causing these rude folks to stare. Just keep calm and carry on, honey.
Viagra control
If men can tell the women what to do about their rights and birth control, then the women should be able to tell them about Viagra. But that will never happen because the Supreme Court has too many men on it — more men than women. How unfair is this mess?
Editor’s note: The Supreme Court has nine members, so it will never be perfectly balanced between men and women.

Get out
This is in response to the “blow Washington away” editor’s note that people that live there might not like it [if the capital were destroyed]. Well, if they ain’t got enough sense to get out, then they need to take one for the man.

Keep it discreet
I saw on the news this morning where a woman was potty training her kid right in the middle of a restaurant. Women, please, keep the nursing bit or the potty training discreet or at home where it belongs. No one else wants to see this while they are trying to eat and live their life. It’s a fact of life, but it doesn’t have to be shown in front of everybody. Keep it discreet, especially the breastfeeding.

Bus choices
I called in a Hotline about bus 44 not being used for transporting players to sporting events in Grayson County. The call was published in Sept. 3 Hotline and can you believe, here was bus 44 loading up last Wednesday for a cross country meet at Giles. Now that we are talking about buses, you should have seen the rattletraps that the football team used to go to Chilhowie. It makes no sense to me that when you go on a long trip, you should use your new buses, not the ones that are subject to breakdown.

Making a difference
Bouquets to the Providence Station II free food distribution program in the former Providence School building. This is a wonderful example of a few good people coming together making a difference in others’ lives. Thanks to all who volunteer and give freely of their time and talents to help others and thank you for the fresh vegetables.

Blinders on
I want to comment on the person that put in there about people gawking at her. Right here’s one that doesn’t want to gawk at any women. Most of them are overweight anyway.

Mix it up
I would like to know why the Grayson County junior varsity volleyball coach plays [who he does] when there are two or three girls that sit on the bench who are just as capable, if not better, to get the job done. The school board needs to look at this and see what is going on in this situation because it is sad.

$6 ticket is a luxury
Regarding the call about trees planted around Galax High School’s football stadium so that fans cannot see the game — the school is a center of community, supported by taxpayers. Some may not be able to afford the luxury of buying a ticket. Yet, they have family, friends, etc., who are players in the game. They want to support the team. The school needs to do something that will help these people. The city school should maybe let children in for free or give a discount for senior citizens. But, it was dirty, I agree, planting those trees. It is obvious they did that so that people can’t watch the game for free. I’ve even seen school officials and employees on that bank watching games.

Preach it
There is a church that broadcasts its Sunday service over the radio. I am saddened that, instead of the service being the word of God and scripture, it has become a personal storytelling hour for the pastor and speakers. Sunday is a wonderful opportunity to bring the word of God. You want to reach as many people as you can and the purpose is the word of God. It’s not about your personal stories. It’s not about what you and your family are doing. Either you preach and rejoice in the word of God, or you don’t. And, if you are in the pulpit, that’s the greatest opportunity. Preach it, preach it, preach it. No more storytelling.

Plan in place?
I have a question just based out of concern and curiosity. My question is pertaining to the different festivities they had in downtown Galax this past summer and blocking off the streets. I have always wondered what would happen if a fire broke out. What would the fire department be able to do?
Editor’s note: Galax Fire Chief David Hankley says: “Since most downtown festivals have been going on for multiple years now, pre-planning took place and plans were developed to provide fire protection based on access, equipment needs, etc. Individual events are reviewed and also staffed at various times with police, fire watches and city staff in order to maintain an awareness of the events, conditions, vendors using propane and types of barricades. The fire department has pre-planned all of the events, including the large and confined area of the fiddlers’ convention, to mitigate the seriousness and progression should a fire occur.”