Readers' Hotline 9/14/11

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Tar and gravel
I agree with the caller about “back in time” about the tar and gravel on Cranberry Road. It’s a dusty mess. We get tar and gravel; Country Club Lane gets three inches of pressed asphalt.

I just want to say thank you to The Gazette for the punch in the gut. I’m the mother of the young man who took his own life on the New River Trail. He was dealing with many demons in his life. He was not thinking of where he was doing this or who would see him. If you had to run this story, you didn’t have to put it on the front page. Thanks for giving me, his father, the rest of his family and friends even more grief to deal with.

Straighten us up
I’m a 70-year-old veteran and I have never seen the country messed up like it is messed up right now. All I know is the post office is about to go broke. I know for sure we need another John Fitzgerald Kennedy or a Franklin Roosevelt to straighten this country back up. They straightened it up. I don’t see why these people we’ve got in Washington now can’t seem to do anything but get us deeper in debt and mess everything up.

Holes to fill
I was calling about the crybabies in the Sept. 5 Hotline. Pal, you better be glad you are getting tar and gravel in Carroll County. We in Grayson County can’t even get a hole patched. Be happy with it. We have had a hole the size of a pickup bed at the Fox Creek Bridge on U.S. 58 for two years. We can’t even get tar and gravel put in that. And along the 58 four-lane down at Matthews Forest, there are holes down there 8 to 10 inches deep. We would love to have some tar and gravel in those. And those bridge approaches where the bridge is three inches higher than the pavement, give us a little tar and gravel there. We will be happy.

It is pathetic when you enter Galax and you meet one of the police officers and the officer turns around and follows me for no reason. I intentionally make several turns, switched lanes and the officer did the same every time. I called a superior and inquired if there was a reason for tailgating me. Get a life and go fight crime.

No tornado
With the storm that hit Galax on Sept. 2, they had people saying that a tornado had hit the Glendale Road/Country Club Lane area and a lot of damage — trees, poles and wires down; a tree on a house. Was it confirmed as a tornado and if so, why didn’t it make the news?
Editor’s note: The National Weather Service did not confirm that a tornado caused the damage in Galax.

Do unto others
Thank heaven somebody recognized the double standard of Grayson County School Board. I know a special-needs driver who works over 30 hours a week and has to drop whatever they are doing when there is a sudden change in the schedule. They didn’t get the money to help with medical insurance costs either, but the bus drivers did. Fair for one but not for all. Maybe they should start teaching the Golden Rule again. We sure need it today more than ever.
Say no
I’d rather have a dead horse than a stubborn mule. Republicans say no to everything that we try to get done. We need to get them out of there. I don’t know who we need for president. We sure don’t need a Republican the way they are saying no to everything and trying to steal our Social Security and everything else.
Yellow lines
For the past two years I have written in the Hotline to paint the yellow lines from Horton’s to Galax and the truckers’ route. I noticed they paved Country Club Lane. With all the rain we have been having it is still very hard to see. Just paint the yellow lines from Horton’s to Galax and the truckers’ route.
Editor’s note: We appreciate the calls to The Hotline, but maybe you should call the city and report the problem, too.

One grand a month
This is for the 80-year-old lady that said senior citizen benefits would be taken away — you know, the little raises we get. I am 65. She needs to move to Harmony Village or something like that. There is no reason she should pay $450-$500 a month unless her kids are taking her money from her. There is no reason you cannot live on $1,000 a month. I could make a fat rat on that.

Quit whining
I would like to applaud Appalachian Power. They do a wonderful job. If you were on Duke Power like in North Carolina, your bill would be like three times as much. Quit whining, pay the bill, keep it paid and let’s give these guys what they are due.

Bring back Hillary
Why in the world didn’t y’all vote for Hillary [Clinton] like I did? She wouldn’t have put up with this do-nothing Congress that says no to everything. She would have put her foot down in a heartbeat.

Drug busting
I am calling about the “police power” call in Monday’s Hotline. The police in our county and your county are doing a great job. Appalachian Power, I know they charge us a lot, but they were doing a good job on drug busting when they found out [that alleged marijuana growers] were using the power [at the house where marijuana was found]. Appalachian and the police have done their job. What will the district attorney and the judge do? It is so disheartening to see people get caught and be turned loose for nothing. There is no time, no money, no nothing [for those convicted]. Our county is full of drugs where they have been set out and nobody did anything. Policemen, you have a hard job and put your life on the line. The Appalachian Power guy that turned it in, he was brave to do it because he doesn’t know what he will face.
Editor’s note: To be fair to the legal system, we’ve covered dozens of drug dealing and manufacturing cases in the past few years that were turned over to the federal courts for prosecution. Most of those cases have resulted in federal prison sentences of at least five years, large fines, property forfeitures and other penalties for those convicted. The U.S. Attorney’s offices in Roanoke and Abingdon (which handle local drug cases) are aggressive in prosecuting drug cases, and work closely with the Twin County Drug Taskforce on investigations.

Private matter
The death of the young man on the New River Trail should have been a private matter. Details were not necessary [in news coverage].

Pondering Grayson
When Grayson County said they had money left over after bills were paid, they decided to give raises to employees when everyone else is cutting back. Why didn’t they do away with the trash fee? Good question.