Readers' Hotline 9/11/13

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Drawing the brakes
I was just calling about drawing the brakes in Galax and all the areas around. We have always had to draw our brakes and even on a horse wagon you have to draw brakes. I guess that’s the reason the garages and wreck trucks stay so full and rescue squads — people don’t know how to draw brakes. Just keep it under control the best you can.

Let God judge
I think people that are calling in and criticizing the gay population are living dangerously. Gay people are also family people. They have parents and brothers and/or sisters, same as anybody else does. Also, you don’t have to worry about judging anybody, because God is going to do that for us. We should just tend our business and try to live our life the way God wants us to and not be trying to judge people because the Lord is going to judge all of us in the end. Just think about this.

Open, or not?
There is a business here in Galax – sometimes they are open on Saturday and sometimes they are not. If they are going to run a business, they need to run a business and keep it open at least a half-day on Saturdays.

Help us out
I’m calling about a possible requirement for gentler handling of city trashcans. I’m talking about the requirements that residents are required to have. I have the 96-gallon version. The Internet says it is maintenance free except for washing and it is easy to tilt and roll. Look at the bottom of your can if you have one. Our service techs do not tilt and roll our cans. I watch them slide them across 15-20 foot of asphalt in our cul-de-sac to the truck where it is lifted and returned to the spot by sliding. The bottom edge of my can on the front edge is shredded and frayed and will soon wear holes. Will the city replace these cans for us? I don’t think so. Could we possibly ask the service techs who ride the trash trucks to tilt and roll our cans, rather than slide them across the asphalt with rocks and gravels and rough edges tearing the cans up? If we are required to buy them, then they should be required to help us care for them.

Not enough to go on
Pretty interesting, I think. You are mayor of one of the local municipalities and you are charged with doing something stupid and all the details are withheld. If it were someone else who allegedly tried to imitate an ABC officer, the details would be made available. Last week a state trooper hits a lady in the rear-end in her car. Again, nothing accomplished, nothing happened. I guarantee if that was any of the public — I realize I don’t know all the details, but if they won’t release the details, it’s like a cat chasing its tail. We don’t have the details so they won’t release them, but we don’t even have enough to formulate an opinion. Depends on who you are and what position you are, I guess.
Editor’s note: No more calls will be published about the state trooper wreck after this week. There’s nothing new being said, and we have no further information to report about the case.

Don’t get involved
Most who live in free countries such as the United States are against the chemical warfare going on in Syria. Only communist countries such as Russia support what the president of Syria is doing. But still, I hope we don’t get involved with our military. Warfare in Iraq has ended and is winding down in Afghanistan. Let’s bring all our military troops home. We cannot control what is going on in all the countries of the world.

Wall about to fall?
I would like to see if the wall going up to the hospital looks like it is falling – leaning. I wonder if that is any danger to the public. Going up hospital hill.

Three holidays
There should only be three recognized holidays — Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The rest of them ought to be done away with.

Pondering retirement
I read in the paper last week of a bank retiree who said if he didn’t retire this year, the increase in long-term interest rates would have a significant negative impact on his retirement. As business people and some of us who are thinking of retiring this year, we have not received this information. Could you please enlighten us with the facts?

Ready to change
Like Dr. Martin Luther King, I too, have a dream. My dream is that the citizens of Hillsville will elect a mayor and councilmen who are trustworthy and who actually want to see our town be the wonderful town it was until a year ago. Hillsville does not need officials who are out for their own selfish hidden agendas and who are always trying to get their names in the paper. Well, Mayor Crowder, you certainly got your name in the paper last week and on television stations, too. Wake up, Hillsville, and vote in the next election for candidates who want to help Hillsville.

Mayor Crowder of Hillsville, isn’t it time for you to resign? Yes, it was only a charge, not a conviction. This is an embarrassment to Hillsville. Please resign.

Inattentive service
I was in a store and the parking lot was so full you could hardly get a space. Thinking there would be long lines at both registers, I went on in. I got a drink and went to the register that was open. I looked back and there must have been 10-12 people ready to check out and still a lot were shopping. The other register was supposed to be run by the store manager. I heard she was working on some shelves in one of the aisles or was on lunch break. The lady behind me works there but her shift was over and she was ready to check out. He was asking where is she, that I sure could use some help. A few of the buggies behind me were running full and the store manager just left him hanging. She could have waited on what she was doing and given that young man a hand. I don’t personally know him but he is always nice to customers and treats them with respect. I just felt sorry for him. Later that evening, I saw him in another store and was talking to him about it. He said that it had been like that all day that day and he never got any help on the other register. His register came up $20 short and he’s thinking he may be fired over it. If it comes to that, I don’t think for a minute he should. He should be the store manager with a big old fat raise.

Nice and friendly
I would like to make a comment about the Twin County Community Hospital. I have been in and out of hospitals before and I find Twin County a very nice place to be. Everybody — all the staff — is really nice and friendly. I appreciate the food service, the way they do things. The only complaint I have is one employee [who comes to the rooms, who is] very loud and obnoxious. That’s the only complaint I have. Keep up the good work.

Messes everywhere
Our federal government is in a mess that may never be fixed. Our candidates running for governor in Virginia [have come under fire]. Look at Hillsville’s local government. I cannot believe that someone charged by state agents can stay seated in their position. I hope the people who elected him will try to unseat him. And, we are going to war again. Another war. What are we to do? Turn to God before it is too late, people. Man will surely destroy us.

Opposes Labor Day
I wonder what lazy person came up with the reason to have a Labor Day. That’s very silly, I think. People need to work and want to work that are willing and able.
Editor’s note: According to Wikipedia, Labor Day was established in 1887 ”as a celebration of the American labor movement, and dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of their country.”

Safety first
Enough already with the whining about changing speed limits. The changes were made after a careful study of traffic patterns and accidents. The limits were changed to protect the property and welfare of the citizens. If one serious injury is avoided by reducing posted speed limits, it’s worth it. I’ve been driving in Galax for over 30 years and I have yet to see a policeman lurking in the bushes, nor have I had to have my brakes worked on because of reduced speed limits. The police in this town are concerned about the safety and welfare of the citizens. Let’s have a little maturity in this matter, please.

Don’t get involved
All of us should be against using chemical warfare on anyone. The United States is not the world’s keeper and we should not get involved with every country’s problems. We should never go into Syria. Wouldn’t it be great to bring all our military troops home? It would be such a nice thing.

Consequences for conviction
I saw a disgusting article on the front page of The Gazette about a local mayor who was charged and if convicted, he would still keep his office in the town. I think it is wrong. Why should any public official, whether it be mayor, senator, governor or even the president — if they are convicted of a crime, whether it be misdemeanor or felony, they should not keep their office.

Hard to believe
Let me get this straight. A person goes to a gospel singing at Fries School and then comes home and calls the Hotline to complain about the air conditioning working too good. This is hard to believe. They need to read Exodus 16:8, while they are waiting on the crew to come out and work on the air conditioner.

Early start’s to blame
I just read in the Hotline where they said, “get tough,” about the air conditioning in schools. When I went to school, school didn’t start until September and that was past the really hot months and now they start in August when it is so hot. So, they have nothing to complain about because they didn’t have to go to school probably until the weather started cooling down.

Lots of visits
It probably doesn’t mean anything and it is all innocent, but it isn’t fitting for a married man to visit a widow woman so often. Does your poor wife know how often you visit her?

Slower is better
What’s with all the fussing in the Hotline about the speed limits being dropped in Galax? Does everyone have an aversion to staying alive or not getting involved in an accident? Slower is better and if you ever come through town when the traffic is light, anything above 35, you are going to just end up getting stopped anyway. If you cruise through at 35 mph, you cruise through all the lights if your timing is right. Anyway, no sense fussing in it. They are going to do what they want to do. But, it is for the safety of everybody.

Wants opportunities
Come on, Twin Counties, Galax and Hillsville. Where are the jobs? Every week I pick up The Gazette checking the want ads to see if there are any jobs. How scant and few and far between they are. No wonder no one wants to live here anymore and all the young people move away. They have to. There are no opportunities for advancement. If you aren’t into bluegrass, you are alienated, just about. If you have any type of inkling beyond NASCAR, rodeo, wrestling and bluegrass and farming — all noble things in their own right — but that is not all there is. That’s all this area seems to be concerned about. Anyway, disappointed, disillusioned, done.

Shifted to Glendale
You know, this 35 mph speed limit on the four-lane in Galax, all it did was congest Glendale Road. I went out at 5:06 and came back and it was almost bumper to bumper and at 3 o’clock at one of the streets that comes out, I liked to have never got out because of traffic. So, if it is supposed to stop accidents on 58, it is going to cause more on Glendale.

Feed the ATM  
There is a bank that lets its ATM run out of money during the Hillsville flea market. Happens every year about Thursday night or Friday morning —ATMs are out of cash. Sorry for the inconvenience. Really? Come on. Put someone in charge of those ATMs that care about the customers.

I have come up with a solution that works for me about the silly, ridiculous speed limit change over here on a good four-lane divided road in Galax. I live in the outskirts of Galax on the Carroll County side. Our doctor is in Woodlawn. Our bank is in Carroll County. Lowe’s is in Carroll County. Sears has moved to Woodlawn. There are good grocery stores in Hillsville. There are plenty of good eating places around the Interstate 77 interchange and in the town of Hillsville. And, on the occasional trip we have to come in to Walmart, we could come in on the four-lane and come in to Walmart, get right back out and get out of Galax. Therefore, we decided rather than take a chance on burning our brakes up or getting a speeding ticket, we are not going to patronize Galax. Thank you very much and adios Galax.